How to use Smart Switch does not connect wirelessly

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We will cover two topics in our article. Firstly, we will explain how to use Samsung Smart Switch, and secondly, we will explain what kind of actions should be taken to solve the Smart Switch not connecting problem.

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Smart Switch is the name of Samsung's free multiple data transfer service. It is especially used to move data from old devices to a new device.

To be used in data migration, there are the following steps to be taken first:

  • Go to the phone's Software Update area from the settings.
  • If there is an up-to-date version, start the download.
  • Follow the suggestions that will appear on the screen.

Samsung Smart Switch nedir?

Smart Switch is the name of the application that allows you to transfer data from phones to another phone, computer or any storage area.

With the Smart Switch application, data is transferred from computers via USB cable or using wireless transfer options. We know that there is no current method other than these three methods.

How to use Smart Switch?

In the content, we will talk about how to use the three methods above. The most common data transfer option is WiFi. You will be charging additional devices while using this method.

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While transferring the old phone to the new phone, we will also talk about transferring the data from the iPhone device to Android.

For the sake of note, we would like to remind you that; The battery status of the devices is an important factor in the operations. In order not to interrupt the process, do not start the transportation process without making the necessary checks.

How to use Smart Switch
Smart Switch not connecting problem

Samsung Smart Switch wireless data transfer

1- From the Settings area of ​​your deviceAccounts and backupTap on the text.

2- Specifying the old deviceTrue tostart the process.

3- In the settings of the new deviceget dataTap and if it is from the old device,Send datastart the process.

4- To your screenWirelessIf there is an icon, continue with it.

5- To make the connection, you must run the Smart Switch application from your old device and get the necessary access.let meYou must confirm with .

6- Select which data is in the migration. After thatMoreContinue with the option.

7- Wait without doing anything on both devices until the migration is completed.

Before forgetting, review the compatibility test that shows which devices can carry this process or what data they can carry. Or look at the information display.

How to use Smart Switch 2
How to use Smart Switch does not connect wirelessly

Transferring data with Samsung USB cable

We connect both devices to each other using a USB cable. Then we run the Smart Switch service.

To transfer data via USB:

1- Let's connect 2 devices with our cable. During the connection, maybe the device from which the data will be receivedUSB connectorThere is a possibility that you may need to use it.

2- The selection window for the application will open in the transactions. First apply, thenget dataWe will touch the text.

3- For obtaining datalet meApply confirmation. Of course, let's not forget that the application in the title must be installed on both devices.

4- Your new device will see your old device and give you a notification for listwill present.

5. After selecting the data in transferMoreYou can now start the process.

Transferring data from iPhone using iCloud

Install the application in our title on your Android device to which you intend to transfer your data and follow the instructions below:

1- By running the applicationget dataLet's start the first process by tapping the option.

2- When an option like iPhone / iPad appears, tap it.

3-iCloud' and veri alContinue with the option called. The user needs to enter iCloud information.

5. When a login verification screen opens, complete the verification.

5. Selecting the data to be moved again, thenEat moreand continue with Import again.

Transferring the backup to the computer

For data transfer, you need to install the Smart Switch program on your computer. Later, if you want, you can upload this data to a different phone with the same program.

Let's download the Smart Switch Windows 11 or Windows 10 program from the URL

If the device to be used in the operations is a device other than Samsung, transfer the data to your computer with an application supported by the device's manufacturer. Then go to step 4.

1- Let's connect the phone from which you will receive data to the computer using the USB cable.

2- Follow the suggestions to start data backup.

3- If you completed the operation without any problems, disconnect the connection between the phone and the computer.

4- Connect the new device to the computer via USB.

5- Follow the instructions on your computer screen to transfer data.

Samsung Smart Switch not connecting problem

Users who receive the Smart Switch does not connect or cannot connect error will have a series of trial steps to follow.

First of all, we recommend you to read the detailed illustrated explanation of how to use Smart Switch.

Let's check the following on phones or computers with Smart Switch connection errors:

Close and open the relevant application on the phone and computer. If you encounter the same problem when you try to turn it on again, we recommend that you restart both the PC and the phone this time.

Make sure the Smart Switch app is installed with updated versions. Plus, the software version of the device is also an important factor at this point. In case of incompatibilities, it is necessary to find old versions of the Smart Switch program and try them that way.

To make sure the USB cable is OK, try it with an extra cable if you have one.

If you have a protection program on your phone or computer, let's test it by disabling it for a short time.

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