Huawei private video recovery videos are not visible

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The company, which is one of the popular brands and was under a lot of pressure from the USA for a while, continues to make significant investments. In this news, we tried to explain to our readers the steps on how to recover Huawei hidden video.

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Huawei file hiding is one of the issues that all mobile device users need from time to time in their lives. Some people keep their important documents at work or at home, while others need to hide family information or important photos. Of course, important data in the business field also needs to be hidden. The most important thing to consider when storing all important documents is that they are not accessible to the outside.

Huawei photo video hiding feature

Important brands such as Huawei do not want to allow third-party software or applications to be required. In order to store valuable data, he developed an application inspired by the safe. Private bank safes also help to access devices using passwords.

This application of Huawei ensures that the images and documents we want to be protected remain securely hidden both in your phone and in the computer system when you connect. Opening the safe is only possible with a password created by the user. You can use both facial recognition and fingerprint features to open the safe.

How to hide Huawei photo and video?

Most Android phones use applications to secure and hide a file. This safe makes it possible to safely store all kinds of documents and images you need. The steps to hide Huawei files are as follows:

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  • Open Expert app Hide files,
  • Enter your password. Select the blue folder at the top right,
  • Then select a file to store on your Huawei device,
  • OK to confirm the selection and you will be returned to the home page.

Press Hide All: All files or folders on this home screen will be hidden. To check each file, you need to check the orange box.

How do I put my photos and documents in the safe?

If you have created the vault, you will see the “more” option at the bottom of the screen. When you click on the Other icon, the correct category should be determined by selecting the arguments you deem appropriate for Huawei file hiding. For example, if you select an image, it will take you to your album. After this redirection, you will be able to safely hide all the data in your safe from the album you touched.

Steps to recover Huawei hidden video

You will access the device from the area we call applications. Search for the app named files in its content. After you log in to Files, the security sign will appear in the icons that appear. By tapping Secure, you will access your confidential data. Those who wish will reach the required area by entering the link called security and privacy in the settings section.

I can't hide or see Huawei photos

Essentially, this title covers all data. Of course, it will vary depending on the warning class received in the transactions. At least maybe the steps towards its solution will change.

The areas to check for the Huawei file not hiding problem are:

  1. The first thing you should try to solve the problem of both the file not being hidden and Huawei not being able to see hidden files is to turn off the device. Look, not restarting, but shutting down.
  2. Afterwards, check whether the service used is working correctly.
  3. Try to hide something in a different class in the name of testing. Of course, something that doesn't matter.
  4. If there is an application you installed later or an auxiliary tool you use for protection, disable it. Of course, if there is such an option in the settings, it needs to be disabled. So even if you make the application passive, it may not work.

If you have made any changes or updates to applications or software, this should also be examined.

Huawei photo hiding
Huawei private video recovery

The basis of the question of how to retrieve a Huawei secret video or retrieve a secret photo is the lack of access. Some people may think that it has been deleted. Maybe they deleted it.

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