Huawei Hard Reset Doesn't Work, It Asks for Password

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We share with you the preferred free method for unlocking the pattern. In our content, we will also answer the problem that Huawei cannot hard reset, it requires a password.

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The first method that comes to our mind when complaining that I forgot the Huawei screen lock password and my phone cannot turn on is hard reset. Of course, if deleting the contents of the device does not bother you, this method is the easiest.

Sometimes the screen password problem is one of the most important questions of users. In such cases, it is obvious that the best method is hard reset. In this article we will try to explain step by step how this process is done.

Reasons to Choose Hard Reset

Akıllı telefonlara ulaşan yüksek internet paketleriyle çok daha işlevsel hale dönüşen mobil cihazlarda yaşanan yavaşlama sıkıntısı, ara ara kendiliğinden kapanma ve uygulamaların kapanması bazen çok can sıkıcı hale dönüşebiliyor. Örnek acil bir şeye bakmanız gerekiyor ve bu tarz sıkıntılarla karşılaşıyorsunuz.

Let's list the possible reasons as follows:

  • Preference caused by forgetting the password of the screen.
  • It is preferred to use it like the first day without any hassle due to the slow operation of the phone.
  • It is useful in solving problems in the operating system.
  • The cleanest option for virus problems.

These titles also have content. Problems found in the sample system include the phone restarting on its own, being stuck on the opening screen, and connection problems. Extensive explanationWhat is hard reset?You will find it in our article.

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For Those Who Ask What Hard Reset Does?

To explain it in a language that everyone can understand, let's say formatting the device. With this useful feature, we eliminate most software-related problems. Most of us encounter this term because the pattern lock is not unlocked. This is its basic usage anyway.

With this method, you return to the system you had when you first bought your device.

General Reset Steps in Android Systems

In the example information, changes in the volume keys are seen. Sometimes the power button is used, sometimes the short key is used. This also varies depending on the models.

  • Turn off any system that is on.
  • voice riseveturn on the devicePress and hold the button simultaneously for a while.
  • system logoWhen it comes, let's take our hands off the power button. We sometimes do this when there is vibration.
  • until text appears on the screen.don't release the volume button.
  • In the options on the screen “Factory resetClick on "" and confirm.
  • Last action “Reboot system now” and you will restart the system.
Huawei hard reset does not work 2
Huawei hard reset cannot be done, it asks for password

Huawei Hard Reset Not Working Problem

Let's make sure that our device is charged. Even though it is normally said to be half full, even 5-10% is sufficient since we do this at very low levels.

If Google Services are used on the phone, removing your account will give better results. Sometimes, transactions react as if they were incorrect even when correct information is entered.

Let's talk about other reasons for the Huawei hard reset not working problem:

  • After checking the above, turn off the phone and wait for a while, then follow the reset steps again. It is possible that it is one of the possible system problems.
  • There is a rare situation where permission is not granted due to the protection being activated in the system.
  • Problems with physical keys. For example, one of the buttons is not working properly.
  • A problem in the operating system prevents the reset options from working. Here too, we find a solution by installing software. We recommend that you check the steps required to flash a ROM on YouTube.

Why doesn't Huawei hard reset work?

We've added the main reasons above. These headings also have detailed contents. However, we thought it would be enough to mention a few of them. If the phone you are using is under warranty, we strongly recommend that you get support from an authorized service.

In our opinion, the answer to the question of why hard reset does not work is explained under 3 headings. The requirement of the first heading is not implemented by the user. The other two reasons are the obstruction caused by a software bug and the protection placed in the system.

Security Antivirus application has stopped working

Content continuation: We will talk about the "I cannot perform a Huawei hard reset" error.

Huawei hard reset does not work 1
Why can't I hard reset Huawei?

Exclamation Robot Sign Appearing on the Screen

If an Android robot-shaped icon appears on the screen and the reset options do not appear, it is necessary to turn off the device a few more times and run the reset steps again. Otherwise, software will need to be installed using a computer.

We have seen the robot sign on protected devices for a while. We have also encountered devices with defective operating systems. When the "No command" message appears, let's continue trying again.

Alternative Suggestions for Possible Hard Reset Problems

  1. Identifying the Problem: Hard reset error usually occurs when there is a problem with the software of a device. When you try to reset your device, it may not turn on or may behave differently than normal. Symptoms like these indicate a hard reset error.
  2. Restarting Device: As a first step, try restarting your device. To do this, press and hold the power button and wait until your device turns off. Then turn on the device by pressing and holding the power button again. In some cases, a simple reboot can fix the problem.
  3. Try Alternative Reset Methods: Hard reset error can occur when the standard method you use to reset your device does not work. In this case, you can try alternative reset methods depending on the brand and model of your device. These methods usually involve using a specific button combination and are usually specified in the device's user manual.
  4. Check for Software Updates: Hard reset error can sometimes be caused by your device's software being out of date. Software updates contain fixes and improvements provided by the manufacturer. Check for software updates via the settings menu or the manufacturer's website and verify that you are using the latest version of your device.
  5. Restoring Factory Settings: If the hard reset error still persists, you can consider returning your device to factory settings. It is important to pay attention to this process as it will delete all data on your device. However, a factory reset can help resolve the hard reset error.

Resetting to factory settings resets all settings on your device and returns it to the state you first purchased it from. This process can help fix possible bugs in your device's software. However, it is important to back up your important data before factory resetting as this will completely delete your data.

There is usually an option in the Settings menu to reset to factory settings. Find the option to restore factory settings by checking the settings and menus on your device. When you select this option, it may take a few minutes for your device to reset. When the process is completed, you can return to normal use by restarting your device.

Hard reset error is a problem that occurs when resetting your device or returning it to factory settings. When you encounter this type of error, try restarting your device first. If the problem persists, you can investigate alternative reset methods or update your device's software. Factory reset can be considered as a last resort to fix the problem. However, remember that you should back up your important data before restoring factory settings.

The situation of each device encountering the hard reset error may be different, so the steps given in this article may not apply to all devices. In any case, it is important to check your device's user manual or the manufacturer's support resources. It may also help to contact technical support if your device is still under warranty.

Hard Reset Screen Not Appearing Problem on Huawei Devices

The screen not appearing problem you encounter when you want to hard reset Huawei devices may worry users from time to time. However, there are several possible causes and solutions to this problem. Here are the steps to solve the problem of the hard reset screen not appearing on Huawei devices:

1. Check Your Device's Battery Status:If your device's battery level is low or its battery is dead, the hard reset screen may not appear. First, charge your device and then try a hard reset.

2. Use the Correct Key Combination:Different key combinations can be used to perform a hard reset for each Huawei model. Usually, pressing and holding the “Power” and “Volume Down” keys for a certain period of time initiates the hard reset process. However, check your device's user manual or Huawei official website to find out the correct key combination.

3. Start Your Device in Safe Mode:Starting your device in safe mode can temporarily fix some system problems. To start in safe mode, usually turn off your device, then press and hold the “Volume Up” key while turning it on. After starting in safe mode, try restarting your device in normal mode.

4. Check for Hardware Issues:If your device has received a physical impact or has come into contact with water, this may cause the hard reset screen not to appear. If there is any physical damage to your device, consider contacting a Huawei service center.

5. Check for Software Updates:If the software on your device is not up to date, this may cause the problem. Install the latest updates by checking the “Software Updates” section in the Settings menu. After the updates, try the hard reset again.

6. Contact Huawei Support Line:If the above steps do not solve the problem, you can contact Huawei's official support line. Customer service can assist you further and provide professional support when necessary.

7. Reset to Factory Settings:If other methods do not solve the problem, consider restoring your device to factory settings. However, do not forget to make a backup beforehand as this process will delete all data on your device.

In our articleHuawei hard reset is not possibleWe have addressed the problem of requiring a password. We hope this information was useful.

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