Huawei HG658c Fiber Modem Installation

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We explained the Huawei HG658c Fiber modem installation and configuration settings step by step in this article.

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The use of DSL modems may gradually come to an end in our country. Because fiber infrastructure is now being established in many provinces, starting from metropolitan cities. Fiber internet has begun to replace the DSL internet we use in our homes. So what is Fiber internet? How is DSL different from the internet? Let's start our article with the answers to these questions.

Fiber internet is the delivery of the internet to subscribers via fiber cables instead of the DSL infrastructure, which is normally copper. The feature of fiber cables is that they offer faster internet to the end user. Since fiber internet infrastructure has been newly established in our country, 1000 Mbps internet service is currently offered to the end user, that is, individual subscribers at home. However, fiber internet actually has the ability to transfer data faster. For example, in countries with developed internet infrastructure, such as America, internet speeds of 8000-9000 Mbps are provided to users. To date, the lack of fiber infrastructure in our country or the use of slower fiber internet compared to other fibers is due to the cost of fiber infrastructure. After this attempt, you can find the installation settings of the Huawei HG658c Fiber modem, which is used in regions with fiber infrastructure, under the heading below.

Huawei HG658c Fiber Modem Installation Settings

First, after connecting the modem cables, type the numbers into the address bar from any of the browsers on your computer and press enter.

How to install Huawei HG658c Fiber modem
Huawei HG658c Fiber modem installation

When you enter the address above, you will be greeted by the password screen. When you fill in the username and password fields on this screen and press the login button, you can access the interface of your modem. If you have not changed the password and username in the modem's interface, in the factory settings the username is vodafone and the password is vodafone.

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Huawei Fiber modem installation
Huawei HG658c Fiber installation

After the screen above, you will be greeted with an installation wizard like the one below. Here, set the connection type as PPPoE. Enter your internet subscription user in the username section and your password in the password section. After the settings you made in the first part, you can make your wireless internet usage settings in the 2nd part. First, if you want to use wireless internet, check the box next to the text that says "Active". Then fill in the wireless network name section. Set the security level as WPA-PSK. Type a password yourself in the field below or press the create password button, which allows the modem to generate a password for you.

How to install Huawei Fiber modem
Huawei HG658c Fiber modem installation settings

Huawei HG658c Fiber Modem Review

Huawei HG658c is one of the fiber modems designed to provide a reliable and fast internet experience.

1. Design and Structure:

Huawei HG658c has a stylish and compact design. Its modern and elegant appearance allows it to be compatible with the decor in users' homes or workplaces. The modem has a solid structure and offers long-lasting use.

2. Wide Coverage:

HG658c provides wide coverage with a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal. This allows you to have an uninterrupted internet experience in every corner of your home or workplace. It can connect multiple devices simultaneously and transmit data at high speed.

3. High Performance:

Huawei HG658c is a high-performance modem optimized for fiber connections. It provides high-speed data transfer via Gigabit Ethernet connections. This delivers fast response times for things like web browsing, downloading files, gaming, and streaming media.

4. Advanced Security Features:

The modem is equipped with advanced security protocols and encryption methods. Comprehensive security measures protect your network from malicious attacks and keep your sensitive data safe.

5. Easy Installation and Management:

Huawei HG658c has a user-friendly interface and is known for its easy setup. The modem is easy to install and configure, and users can easily manage the modem settings. It also offers remote access and update opportunities.

6. Additional Functions and Features:

HG658c offers a variety of additional functions and features. This includes parental control, guest networking, media sharing and more. These features allow users to further personalize their internet experience.

Huawei HG658c Fiber modem installation settings are here.

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