Huawei HiSuite does not connect or load

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Most of the people who experience the error "Huawei HiSuite cannot connect to the computer" are always the same. HiSuite does not load and can sometimes be interrupted.

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HiSuite is Huawei's official software that allows accessing almost all data such as contacts, photos and messages with the help of a computer. You can back up your device to PC and start restoring whenever you want. And when there is an installation problem with the updates, this software comes into play again.

Data transfer includes the following step:

  • Find “HDB” in the phone settings and allow its use.
  • Access permissions will still be allowed when connecting.
  • When we open it from the device where the HiSuite application is installed, the 8-digit confirmation code will be entered into the computer.
  • Start the process by clicking "Connect now".

When you connect, you can read and send messages from the same panel.

If HiSuite does not connect;

  • Make sure that the necessary permissions are given to the PC.
  • If driver support is needed, inquire. (Windows 10 will detect it automatically)
  • Make sure that the versions used are up to date.
  • Make sure your USB cable is intact and try it with a different cable and different port, if available. If necessary, let's check it with another PC if you have it.
  • We recommend that the option called U. debugging be turned on from the device.
  • If there is antivirus-style protection installed on both sides, disable it for a short time.

Huawei HiSuite does not connect or load

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Let's talk about system problems on the PC side. The input ports may be problematic or drivers may need to be installed. We didn't want to write down all the reasons that came to our mind. Because we see that starting the system restore works in the solution of most of them.

An important role in detecting the device is the installed drivers. Normally, when the program in the title is installed, their installation occurs automatically. So this is also included in the package. But even though it is not seen much!' It can fall to . Then you can try it manually or you may see that uninstalling and reinstalling the program works.

Huawei HiSuite not loading

In case of Huawei software not loading problem, we advise you to check the free space on your device, internet speed and other reasons. Afterwards, we recommend that the process can be done with the help of HiSuite.

Update Date: 05 March 2021, 16:53

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