I accidentally removed the Reels profile grid how to add it

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In response to your question about how to add the removed Reels profile grid, we have written our suggestions below. Let's add that the process of restoring the deleted grid is very simple.

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In this article, where we will give brief explanations about the statement "I accidentally removed the Reels profile grid, how to add it", we will also give small warnings to new Instagram users. Instagram is not a platform that can process your page on its own, or such a version does not exist. If you have removed the profile grid, know that either you or someone who accessed your account accidentally or knowingly caused some problems.

Before examining the following, what is happening now can perhaps be explained as a system problem. To understand, take a look at the posts on Google and Twitter. You'll mostly see other people's problem posts here.

Reels and profile grid

Reels is a feature added to our lives by its developer in 2018. With this feature, members of the network can shoot short videos and share them. Short videos were already being shared, you might say. We have been able to share short videos from the very beginning in your right profile grid, that is, in the section of your personal Instagram page where you can see your posts, but your Reels videos can also be viewed in the Explore section of Instagram if you wish.

This makes your post reach more people and increases your number of followers. While IGTV videos used to be shared in the Explore section, now your Reels posts, which can be prepared with much shorter content, also find a place in Explore.

I removed the Reels profile grid

In response to those who say that the Reels self-profile grid has been deleted or removed, it may not be possible. Of course, if there is a malfunction in the system, the problem will not only arise here. You will see that it does not work in different areas. You cannot leave the grid, Instagram either does this because it is a complaint, that is, it blocks your video, or you can delete it on purpose or by mistake while you are processing. The worst case scenario is that your account has been hacked, which means someone has changed your profile grid without your knowledge. We recommend that those who doubt such a possibility change their passwords immediately.

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This is a possibility, but those who removed it can get it back from the deleted ones within a certain period of time. Of course, it should not be evacuated.

I accidentally removed the Reels profile grid how to add it

If you are wondering "I removed Reels, how to add it?", we used to say "get well soon". All your likes and comments would be deleted. If you have a recording of your Reels video, you would have to upload it again. However, this problem was experienced so many times and was expressed so many times that Instagram finally found a solution.

Instagram users who have downloaded and installed the new version can return their profile grid to its previous state without any problems. The process to be done is quite simple. By clicking on your profile picture or profile name, you come to your home page. We enter the settings by clicking on the three lines in the upper right corner. From here, we go to the soon-to-be-deleted tab, select the Reels video that we deleted within 30 days but want to get back, and upload it again.

  • Go to the "Recently deleted" section in the application's settings and undo it.
    • Let us note that it is limited to 30 days.
  • If the version you are using is old, update it.
  • If it came out with an update, uninstall it and install a previous version.
    • The version may be faulty or incompatible with some models.
  • Log out and log in again.
    • Try with another phone.
  • A temporary obstacle may have occurred after very frequent use.
    • Wait a few or 24 hours without opening it.
  • Add additional login option to the account for triggering.
    • Like a phone number or Facebook.

After trying these, you can use the problem report in the application if you wish.

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