I can't like Twitter, it doesn't show up

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The problem of not being able to like on Twitter usually occurs in accounts that have been penalised. In this article, we will also talk about different possible reasons. We think that there are not many people who say that when they touch the like button, the round icon appears. We encountered something like this recently. It got better on its own later.

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When you look at the title, you will see that we have prepared an article on two topics. Although they are in the same class as "I can't like" and "I can't like it", they can occur for different reasons. In the solution part, the steps to be taken may be similar.

Some of our suggestions are being tested. Maybe what is happening is not specific to you.

Why is there no likes?

Twitter is not a network that causes problems very often. However, such things may occur due to system improvements and usage restrictions.

Possible reasons for quitting include:

  • Failure that occurs instantly or over a certain period of time.
  • Possibility of release due to update.
  • Restrictions due to overuse.
  • Criminal cases and legal reasons.
  • Detection of suspicious behavior.

We could extend the list, but we think we've given enough examples for you to understand.

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When you tap the like sign, does it turn into a round icon and stay that way? This is what happened to us and it resolved itself the next day. As far as we understand, it can be called a temporary obstacle.

Twitter no likes solution

Before complaining about likes not working, we need to understand why. If you have one, check it with another account at that moment. Plus, take advantage of a different internet connection. Before forgetting, it should also be tried on the computer or browser side.

Apart from the above, there will also be possible test steps below for you to try. Let us emphasize that those who try too often will be blocked until a certain time.

Ask others as soon as it comes out. We also recommend asking people in different cities.

You may need to take a look at our link news that we recommend at the end of the article. If you want to forward it to the developer, use both the reference links and access the help section from the settings tab.

Possible disruptions on the account side

There is a situation where a restriction occurs after doing something too many times in a row. To test this, it needs to be tried on other devices. If you have been penalized, we think that nothing can change in the profile area. Of course, this was the case for a while.

If you have a situation that results in a complaint, any notification letter will be sent to you. Plus, there is the possibility of a warning when entering the account.

Have you ever encountered hanging situations? There was something like this on a different social media tool. Many problems could occur when opening a frozen account. He couldn't even survive without ice cream.

Use additional verification option on your account. For example, adding a phone and e-mail address that are not included. Can work in questionable situations.

Problems in the application field

We would rather talk about problems that arise with a released version. Although it is not experienced much these days, it can be said that it is a persistent problem.

The update is made and then it is not compatible with some phone versions. We recommend reverting to the old version until a new version is released.

Plus, an application you installed later causes incompatibility with another. It can be tested by stopping or lifting.

When you enter the application area on the phone, you need to enter the "Twitter" area there. Afterwards, we can see a way to clear the data in it and tap on other options.

Negativities on the mobile side

Over time, a number of compatibility problems may occur due to the lack of new versions of old operating systems. We recommend examining older versions that may be compatible with this.

Manufacturers provide device support for a certain period of time. Afterwards, they state that there will be no update support anymore. In short, they say switch to new models.

Let's talk about other factors:

  • Problems caused by incorrect date part.
  • The versions of installed systems and applications may need to be updated. Otherwise, system conflicts may occur.
  • Devices that have not been turned off for a long time cause problems on the system side.
  • Blockages due to virus infection.

When we touch the heart icon in the image we have added below, it suddenly turns into a round circle and stays that way. When we exit the post and enter it again, we see that we do not like it. In short, the like button does not work.

We will try it one by one with different posts to try it out. The situation will become clear after you try it with another account, if any. Of course, it would be wrong to say anything clear without trying it through the browser.

I can't like on Twitter
I can't like on Twitter

As you can see below, the heart sign becomes round. Maybe some people may experience the error that the like icon does not appear.

I can't like on Twitter 2
Twitter likes not showing

After investigating the negativities experienced on the system side, if they generally do not occur, then you need to make a report. You can benefit from the help area and notification links. We have a related content called customer services. We definitely recommend you check it out.

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