I cannot call 3-digit numbers 155, 154, 110, 156 and 186 from my mobile phone

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In our country, we may experience problems when calling some special three-digit numbers from Turkcell, Türk Telekom and Vodafone mobile phones. 110, 154, 155, 156, 153, 186, 187, 182 you dialed a wrong number, please call again!

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Three-digit numbers have been used extensively in recent years. These numbers appear in every aspect of our lives. If we want to call the police when something bad happens to us, we have to call 155, which is also a three-digit number. This is not only valid for the police, we also use three-digit numbers when calling the emergency service, the fire brigade, or when searching for a water problem.

I can't call three digit numbers from my mobile phone

Three-digit numbers are important to us and our loved ones for the reasons mentioned above. Türk Telekom, Vodafone and Turkcell GSM companies separate these numbers according to their importance and allow you to call some for free and others for a certain fee.

I cannot call 3-digit numbers 155, 154, 110, 156 and 186 from my mobile phone
I cannot call 186 numbers from my mobile phone

There may be problems when calling the ALO 154 traffic line, which is widely used in big cities, from some lines. This problem is actually caused by the fact that the three-digit number you are looking for on that GSM operator is in the paid section. If you are using similar tariffs or have a prepaid line, you will not be able to call the three-digit number that is included in the paid section after your minutes run out because your minutes have run out. However, we can say that a general solution has been found for this situation. Below, let us share with you the three-digit numbers that can be called for free or for a fee for most GSM companies (sometimes exceptions may occur, such as alo 154).

I can't call three digit numbers from my mobile phone
I can't call 3 digit numbers from my phone

I Can't Call 186: Possible Causes and Solutions

186 is a phone number used for emergency services in our country. However, sometimes users may encounter problems when calling 186 and may not be able to communicate. In this article, we will discuss possible causes and solutions to the “I cannot call 186” problem.

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  1. Network Problems:

In some cases, when users try to call 186 they may fail due to network issues. This issue may occur in areas where your device does not receive a signal or has a poor network connection. Network problems may occur more frequently indoors or in remote areas where your phone does not have reception.

Solution: First, move to an area where you can get a better signal or try it in open areas. If the issue still persists, try restarting the network connection by turning your phone off and on or turning Airplane Mode on and off.

  1. Account Restrictions:

Mobile operators may block access to certain numbers by imposing some account restrictions. These restrictions may occur for non-payment of invoices, subscription cancellations, or other account-related reasons.

Solution: If you are having trouble calling 186, first contact your operator and check if you have any account restrictions. You can solve the problem by making the necessary adjustments.

  1. Out of Service Status:

186 service may be temporarily stopped due to maintenance or update works of telephone operators from time to time.

Solution: If the 186 service is temporarily stopped, try again after a while to check whether the problem is resolved.

  1. Firmware Problems:

Software issues on your phone may prevent 186 calls.

Solution: Make sure you have up-to-date software on your device. If necessary, update the software on your device and then try 186 again.

  1. Ineligible Tariff or Subscription:

Some mobile operators may restrict access to numbers such as 186 on certain tariffs or subscriptions.

Solution: If you cannot call 186, try contacting your operator and switching to the appropriate tariff or subscription.

The “I can't call 186” issue can occur for a variety of reasons and prevent users from accessing emergency services. In this article, we focused on possible causes and solutions. If the problem persists, you may need to contact your carrier for further support.

Are three-digit numbers paid or free?

Fire brigade 110 free of charge, 112 free of charge, 155 police emergency free of charge, gendarmerie 156 free of charge, 158 coast guard free of charge, 122 AFAD free of charge, 144 social help line free of charge, women and social services 183 free of charge, 114 poison consultancy paid, municipal police 153 paid, internet reporting 166 paid, 169 postal services, 191 drug information line, 174 paid, food line, 174 paid, electricity breakdown, 186 paid, gas breakdown, 187 paid, 188 funeral services, and MHRS hospital appointment system, 182 paid.

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