I cannot search YouTube, videos do not appear

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While there are situations where the "I cannot search YouTube" error occurs, there are also people who experience the problem of YouTube videos not appearing. We think that most of the people here do not understand much about these things. We recommend that you first analyze the problem and then take the steps to find a solution.

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The rest of the content includes information about video listing. First, check the possible causes and what to do.

Videos not appearing in YouTube search

Those who receive the error "Videos do not appear in YouTube searches or searches cannot be made" should first be tried on different devices and the internet. Of course, then, it is necessary to investigate whether there is a problem on the internet or YouTube side.

To answer your question why YouTube videos are not showing up, check out the possible reasons we have added below:

  • There is a high possibility that there may be a problem with your internet speed or region.
  • To analyze the situations caused by the application itself, check your social media accounts to see if anyone is having trouble other than you.
  • Check if it is possible due to the phone you are using or the session you are open.
  • It's possible that anything you do too often will limit you.
  • Check if there is a problem due to the application or phone receiving an update.
  • The phone's date is incorrect or there is insufficient storage space. There is no room to disturb the operation of the operating system and applications.
  • The account is deemed suspicious, it is penalized, and the problems on the device are examined.

Solution steps for video calling problem

Checking the above is already seen as a solution. However, we add the continuation order below as an explanation.

  • You need to try it with an alternative computer, mobile device and internet network. Afterwards, you will need to restart your modem depending on the situation.
  • In case of domestic connection problems, it is most logical to try a VPN. Of course, DNS is also among the options used.
  • Those using YouTube while logged in should log out and try. Plus check it from the browser too.
  • Possible problems may occur due to the phone or mobile device being too old. In fact, YouTube's official application becomes unusable. On devices that have lost version support, tools that offer helpful YouTube usage are used. You will come across some important and useful applications on the internet.
  • Those who experience glitches on their phones need to tap on YouTube in the applications area, uninstall the update and clear the cache. This applies to Android and check out access permissions for iPhone.
  • We recommend that those who have problems after the new version try one of the previous YouTube versions.

Review of applications

If you have a situation where there was no problem before but now there is, it will be necessary to stop and test what you have done recently and similar installed applications. We have come across practices that affect each other. In fact, it may cause a series of problems due to incompatible installations that affect the system.

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We have explained above our predictions and what you need to do for the problem of YouTube search videos not appearing. We would like to say that there will always be a possibility that a temporary malfunction abroad or taking action without investigating the negativities experienced in our country will cause nothing but exhaustion for you.

I can't search YouTube 1
I cannot search YouTube, videos do not appear

Listing feature in videos

We are here with the easiest way to quickly add the videos you search on YouTube to your playlists.

Thanks to the playlists you create on your YouTube account, you can make a list of your favorite videos and watch them again later in the order you added them. The feature we will show now shows you how you can quickly add videos that you come across when you search and that you think you will watch later, to your list without opening the link address of the video.

When you search for a word on YouTube, the videos that best match the word you are looking for will appear on the result screen. What you need to do here is to hover over a video link with your mouse, but do not click on it.

When you hover over a video link, you will see three overlapping dots. In this menu called “Show more”, there are options that allow you to quickly list your videos.

If you are choosing this option for a video you have not watched yet, you can select the list called "Watch Later". You can later access the videos you added to the "Watch Later" list in the "My Playlists" section.

Here you can also see other lists you have previously created. It is also possible to quickly create a new list. All you have to do is write the name of the list you want to create in the "Add" section.

These steps, which are valid for searches such as YouTube videos not showing up, may not be related to the problem experienced in video searches. Therefore, in a relative situation, look at the shares of the users. To report the problem, please send your request to YouTube with the correct links.

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