I disabled my TikTok number and cannot log in.

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Are you one of those who have the problem of deactivating my TikTok number and not being able to log in? You may be wondering how to remove your old number, but there will be steps you need to take to do this.

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One of the frequently asked complaints is that I cannot log in when the number is closed. The answer to the how-to question in many blog posts probably consists of useless information.

When we look at the complaints about number changes, there are people who say that they changed their e-mail account and cannot open it. In other words, we encounter users who turn off both login methods with their own hands. Additional input methods should always be used. Plus, before changing the number or closing the line, one more login method could be added and the transaction could be performed later.

We see that sooner or later, accounts opened by shaking their heads, which we encountered very frequently in the past, cannot be reached one day. We were encountering people randomly typing in the e-mail address used when registering. Some of these accounts do not actually have the e-mail they use, and some of them have opened accounts with other people's e-mail addresses. In the past, it was possible to use it without verifying the account, and they continued to use it by adding an additional method. Actually, there are people who use this method as scammers or fake accounts as followers or likes.

I disabled my TikTok number, I cannot log in problem

We have an updated article explaining the possible actions to be taken by those who have their numbers blocked. As a suggestionI changed my TikTok numberWe recommend you to take a look at the news.

To solve this problem you are experiencing, we recommend that you try it with a computer or mobile device that you log in to frequently before. Depending on the situation, you will get the old number back. Of course, if it is an important account for you.

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Number verification options

TikTok is a popular social media application with millions of users around the world. However, some users may notice that their number has been disabled when logging into their account. Users encountering this problem cannot log in to their accounts and therefore cannot use the application.

The problem of deactivating a TikTok account number may occur for several different reasons. These include:

  1. The account owner changed the number linked to their account.
  2. The account owner accidentally deleted the number linked to their account.
  3. The account owner moved the number linked to their account to another account.
  4. The account owner incorrectly entered the number linked to their account during use.

There are a few things users who encounter this issue can do:

  1. To verify the number linked to their account, use TikTok's “Verify Phone Number” option.
  2. Let them check their number on their TikTok account to make sure they have entered the number linked to their account correctly.
  3. If they changed the number linked to their account, add their new number from their TikTok account.
  4. If they accidentally deleted the number linked to their account, try adding a new number from their TikTok account.

The problem of deactivating a TikTok account can usually be fixed with a simple solution. However, in some cases, the cause of the problem may be more complex and it may be necessary to contact TikTok customer service.

As a result, users who encounter the problem of deactivating their TikTok account number can try to solve the problem by following the suggestions mentioned above. If the problem still persists, they can get help by contacting TikTok customer service.

Opening different login options by resetting your password

This works sometimes. Do this using both tiktok.com and the mobile application. If your e-mail is registered, open an e-mail session in the browser and reset your password via tiktok.com from another tab by selecting e-mail. He will see the e-mail and connect from the side tab. There's a chance this might work.

I changed my TikTok number and I can't log in
I disabled my TikTok number and cannot log in.

You can perform your operation by looking at the pictures of an area where reset is offered via phone, username and e-mail via computer. We recommend doing the process in each separate image. Facing different suggestions will strengthen your situation.

I changed my TikTok number, how to enter
I disabled my TikTok phone number, I can't log in
I changed my number and I can't log in to my TikTok account.
My TikTok number has been blocked and I can't log in.

How to enter the account where the number was changed?

3-4 options come to our mind, but we cannot say anything that will definitely bring a solution. Again, there won't be much left for you to do other than try.

  1. Allowing access to the frequently used devices mentioned above because they are considered safe.
    1. If it asks, you will be allowed to enter only by asking for a password. The phone is allowed without a code.
  2. Returning the old number.
    1. It is possible to repurchase up to a certain number of years. Of course, it can get a little expensive.
  3. Try to change the password separately from the computer and mobile application. Then you may come across additional suggestions.
    1. This is the case in most networks, but there is no information that says it will work for sure. This depends on which options you open on your account.
  4. To get help? Send a request by tapping the sign with an option describing your situation.
    1. You can send the request without having an account. The notification form can be used both through the application and the browser. Use the links in our suggestion contact news at the end of the article.

When you are asked to verify your account, an official document may be requested. You can hide information such as serial number and identification number in the document. However, if unreal information was used when opening your account, they will not refund your account to you due to inconsistency.

Our best suggestion is to get the closed number back. You can access your account and then turn on additional login methods. You can even change the number for your account.

I changed my number and I cannot log in to my account. Most of the requests for help will be given the same suggestions. We write these based on our experiences, as we provide timely, one-on-one support services. Those who write to get support in forum columns are either given classic suggestions or are trying to defraud. So, we warn you not to consume the bulgur you have.

We recommend you to use another article above to solve the problem of "I have disabled my TikTok number and I cannot log in".

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