I Forgot My Email Address, Where Can I Find It?

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The question "I forgot my e-mail address and I don't know how to reach it" comes up from time to time among requests for help. In this article, we will talk about what should be done to find a forgotten email account.

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With the development of technology, e-mail has now become a part of our lives. Especially with the increase in the use of smartphones, the use of e-mail has also increased. Well, sometimes we can forget the e-mail addresses we used when we signed up to the sites. In this case, for those wondering how we can find our e-mail address:I forgot my e-mail addresssupport.

Forgetting your e-mail address can be a problem, especially on sharing and social media sites you are a member of. To give an example, in this news we will share information about what you can do if you forget the e-mail address you used in your YouTube account.

What to Do If You Forgot Your Email Address

Forgetting your email address is a common problem among internet users. In this case, before you panic, you can remember or retrieve your email address by following the steps below:

  1. Contact Your Email Service Provider:If you can't remember your email address, first determine which email service provider you use (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.). Then go to the official website of this service provider and look for “Forgot email address” or similar option. This type of option is usually available and will provide you with instructions to retrieve your email address.
  2. Check Your Old Contact Information:When you register your email address, most service providers give you the option to register a secondary email address or phone number. Therefore, go to account settings and try to access this information. You can recover your email address by using these secondary contact methods.
  3. Scan Old Emails:If you have another email account associated with your email address or have saved emails you have previously sent, you can find your email address by checking those emails. You may find a message in your old e-mails in which you specify your address.
  4. Check Your Social Media Accounts:You may have saved your e-mail address in your social media accounts. You can find your registered email address by going to account settings on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.
  5. Check Your Contacts List:If you can't remember your email address, maybe you have it saved in your contacts list. You can find your address by checking the contacts section of your phone or email client.
  6. Check Outdated Email Clients:Check out the email clients (for example, Outlook, Thunderbird) or email applications you use on your computer or mobile device. These programs often store registered email addresses.
  7. Try to Remember Old Email Subjects and Names:If you can't remember your email address, try to think of the names of people you've previously contacted or topics you've sent via that email address. This may help you remember.
  8. Contact the Email Service Provider's Support Line:If the above steps don't work and you still can't remember your email address, contact your email service provider's customer support line. They can help you further.

Trials for I Forgot My Email Address Problem

  1. In case of password-related problems, an option indicating that there is no access to the additional security options added to the e-mail accounts may appear during the reset process so that you can remember them. Those who will receive help must examine these and write to us.
  2. For those who write that they have forgotten their e-mail address, you can find the name of the account by examining the social networks where you have used this account before.
  3. If the account has been stolen, please search our article about it.
  4. We recommend that those who want to get help for their problem first check if there is an article on our site related to the issue they are asking about.
  5. Those who have forgotten their account can try resetting it by using their phone number or username.
  6. The relevant provider may sometimes request a photo of your ID in order to verify your account.

I Forgot My Email Address

The method we will share here varies depending on the e-mail address you use. However, you need to perform different operations for Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Mynet. First, let's start our operations with Gmail e-mail;

Gmail:If you forget your email address for your Gmail account, you can use two different methods to find your address. You can find out the username you forgot by using the second e-mail address you provided when first obtaining your e-mail address. The other thing is that you can learn your username via the mobile phone line you have defined in the system while receiving e-mail. If you don't remember any of this information, it is impossible to learn.

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Hotmail, Outlook, Mynet, Yahoo: The e-mail service providers under this heading do not provide corporate support to you when you forget your e-mail address. But this does not mean that you cannot find your address. You can solve this problem by applying different methods. First, you can use the second email method. You can see the e-mail address you received in the e-mail address sent for verification. If you cannot access your account using this method, you can receive it from sites such as shopping, games, programs, Facebook and Twitter that you are a member of with this e-mail address. When you enter the account settings of these sites you have subscribed to, you can easily find the e-mail address you have subscribed to. Finally, if you sent an e-mail to a person you know, you can get the username of your e-mail address from that person.

Let's continue our article by explaining how you can access your e-mail address from the account settings in the Facebook application;

The picture below shows how you can access your e-mail address from your Facebook membership. After logging in to your Facebook account, go to the settings section at the top right. Access the General tab from the incoming settings section. General Account settings will appear on the screen that opens. On this screen, the e-mail you used is located opposite the contact section.

I forgot my e-mail address, where can I find it?
I forgot my e-mail address, where can I find it?
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