How to add Instagram business location not showing up

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Instagram business location does not appear, there are business owners who ask how to add a location. It is one of the issues that people who deal with internet business for the first time have a little difficulty.

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Those who get the "My business does not appear" error when searching for locations should first make sure that they have added a business location. If you say you have done it, then we recommend you do a small check to make sure it is done correctly.

There seems to be an increase in the number of people posting "I can't add the location of their workplace" on Instagram these days. We think there is an increase in online shopping due to Covid. Below, we will explain with pictures what steps need to be taken to get a position.

Add location in Instagram searches

We recommend that it be linked to the Facebook page so that the location appears in searches. You can position your Instagram business account by connecting it to your relevant Facebook page.

  • Enter Instagram's profile area,
  • Proceed to profile editing,
  • Start the necessary linking process from the area named Page,
  • If you have not tried it before, you will be asked to enter your Facebook account information,
  • After access is made, the last step is to confirm the connection.

If you do not have a Facebook page, you need to create a page related to your business.

We explain the operations to be performed on Facebook, except for the last image below.

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Instagram business location does not appear
How to add Instagram business location not showing up
Instagram business location does not appear 2
Instagram business location adding settings
Instagram business location does not appear 3
Address information for the location

The image below explains the linking process from the Instagram account. While performing the action here, you may receive the error "To confirm your Instagram account, you must be the manager of the business of the associated page in Business Manager." In this case, go to the Business page and check whether you are an administrator from there. If there is no problem, disconnect from the connection area and perform the operation through another account.

In short, add another account as an administrator to the relevant Facebook page and authorize it using its login information. Or if you change the account type from Instagram and return to business, it will be fixed.

Instagram business location does not appear 4
Linking a page via Instagram

To change your account type to business:

  • Enter the settings area,
  • Tap "Account" in the section that will open,
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the "Account type" field and select business.

The image below will help you answer the question of how to add a location from a Facebook page.

  • Enter the “Pages” section in the menu area and tap your page,
  • Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the resulting section,
  • Enter the company's address under the "Location" heading in the page information field. You can mark it with the location if you want.

Is your location not showing up in searches?

To solve the problem of Instagram business location adding not appearing, it will be enough to follow the steps below.

  • Check the accuracy of the account linking process. If necessary, cut and connect again.
  • Check out via another account. If not, change the type of business to professional. A warning will appear on the screen and after clicking OK, proceed to operation again.
  • Perform the location operation again with another account.

You may need to wait up to a day after performing the procedures correctly. We can call it the approval and inclusion process.

Instagram business location not appearing may not be a problem. It is possible that it has to do with something the person cannot do.

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