Your Instagram Account Has Been Disabled Because You Violated Our Terms

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The warning that your Instagram account has been closed because you violated our terms has been annoying some users lately. Many cannot understand why they encounter such a thing. At the same time, some people face such a situation all the time. We wanted to respond with a useful article about the root causes of this.

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What Does It Mean? Your Instagram Account Has Been Deactivated Because You Violated Our Terms.

Your account has been closed because you violated our terms, it is a type of sanction imposed as a result of disregarding Instagram's community rules. This message means that the account closure was due to violation of a strict rule. We have included some information below about what these are. Maybe one of these is related to you.

Your Account Has Been Closed Because You Violated Our Terms Basic Reasons

We have left below the reasons that we cannot say for certain, but are likely to be the most likely. Many of these are messages that the account will not be reopened.

  • Do not make statements targeting a particular society, institution, religion or race.
  • Targeting someone in your comments or posts and sharing personal information.
  • Insulting, swearing, blackmail and threatening language.
  • Do not share illegal posts or sell legal products.
  • Fraudulent transactions or frauds occurring.
  • Do not abuse or exploit the system.
  • Do not share sexual content.

This list goes on and on. Many of the things that we call the underlying solid are present in this order.

Accounts that do not comply with community rules or terms of service will be terminated. If your account has been closed, you will receive notifications when you try to access your account from the app or via email. If you think a mistake has been made and there is an objection option available to you regarding account closure, use it. Or, if you are allowed to log in, follow the on-screen instructions to submit your dispute.

Your account has been closed for violating our terms 1
Your Instagram account has been disabled for violating our terms.

Your Account Has Been Closed Because You Violated Our Terms. What Should I Do?

If the reason for closing the account is major rule violations, unfortunately this account will most likely not be reopened. However, if you did not cause the closure and you have evidence, it will be useful to appeal using it. Of course, there is no guarantee of this either. For this reason, you are responsible for protecting the account and taking the necessary precautions.

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Your Account Has Been Closed For Violating Our Terms: Test Your Account

The situation you are experiencing may be systemic and it would be beneficial to wait. Wait a day and check again. It is recommended that you do not take any action during this waiting period.

If the situation is the same, try from a different phone, browser and internet. There is an event called IP and device ban. It would be useful to try this. It can also be used in VPN.

Act as if you forgot your password

On the warning screen, there is an option to reset your password. This may be preferred as a triggering process. At the same time, if a connection to Facebook has been made before, this can also be tried. However, there is a possibility that you may also experience problems with your Facebook account.

Your Account Has Been Disabled for Violating Our Terms: Convert Your Account to a Business

If you are allowed to log in to your account, you may have the opportunity to change your account type to business. I don't think you will, but it should definitely be tried as it may be a possibility.

Your account has been closed for violating our terms 2
Your account has been disabled for violating our terms

Information for the Objection Process

To get more information about closing your account and begin the appeal process, try following the steps below:

  1. Try to Login:Try to log in to Instagram even if your account has been closed. Sometimes you are allowed to log in but not allowed to use. This is important to start the appeal process.
  2. Check Notifications:After logging in, you may see a notification about your account being closed. This notification includes information about why your account was closed and whether you can object.
  3. Fill out the Objection Form:If they have given you a right to object, fill out the objection form by following the instructions in the notice. In this form, you will be asked to explain why you believe your account was incorrectly closed.
  4. Provide Additional Information:In the dispute form, you may provide additional information to describe the content or situation that may result in your account being closed. This can help your appeal be evaluated more quickly and accurately.
  5. Wait for Response:After submitting your appeal, wait for Instagram's response. The appeal process may take several days. When the response arrives, you will be informed about the status of your account.

Options for Retrieving Your Instagram Account

  1. Follow the Instructions in the App:Log in to your account and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to complete these steps to start the appeal process. If your account has been disabled by mistake, you will need to go through the appeal process. Admitting that you broke the rules and promising not to do it again will not be enough.
  2. Use Official Contact Page:Another way you can submit your objections is through Instagram's official contact page. Fill in the required fields and click “Send” to have your case reviewed. Avoid apologizing, as this may indicate that you are at fault. Especially if you're not at fault. At some point in the process you may be asked to submit a selfie for verification purposes.
  3. Repeat Objection Process:You can repeat the objection process until you find a more tolerant moderator. Unless you've deliberately violated an important rule, it shouldn't take more than a few days to get a response. Don't be afraid to be persistent; You may be lucky in the end.
  4. Consider Creating a New Account:If you think the process will take a long time and you want to return to Instagram immediately, you may consider creating a new account.

Note: Your Instagram account has been closed because you violated our terms. For those who ask why I cannot open my account or my account is closed again when I open a new account, the situation here is due to the relevant information, device and IP address being banned.

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