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Some of those who post things like Instagram highlights are not visible have their accounts affected due to the wrong things they have done. In this content, we will find the answer to the question of why the highlights are not appearing.

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Instagram, one of the most used social media in the world, has updated its highlights section and put forward a big agenda for social media. This update made by Instagram has managed to endear itself to its users in a short time. Let's also explain this by increasing the usage rate up to 300 million and the published update making a contribution.

If Instagram highlights are not visible; “to the profile icon” touch and above “on the clock icon” after passing “Archive“ at the top in the ” area.3 Points” or in the last step “Create highlightYou need to click on the ” button.

Considering the situation, what will be tried next will be as follows:

  1. Turning off the phone and checking for updates on the software/application side.
  2. If it happened after a version was released, install an older version.
  3. Test it with your friends.
  4. Test with an internet and device you haven't used recently. It also needs to be tried on another account on your current device.
  5. Waiting for even a day, even if it is caused by something that is done frequently. (Comment, don't follow…)
  6. There is always the possibility of facing sanctions as a result of a complaint. To test your account, try to change something in the profile. If the operation does not work, the situation is as in this line.

Reaching Required Fields for Highlights

The relevant section has undergone minor changes. In addition, these changes have also had an impact on the design part.

In addition, in order to benefit from the highlights on Instagram, users must first click on the "new" option on the left side of the profile. Then the archive window will appear. After this, the post you want to highlight from the archive must be selected. The user is then asked to determine a cover photo. Finally, after selecting the cover photo, a name should be given to the post that will be featured. If all these explanations are made, it will be possible for the post to appear in the highlights section.

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How to turn on Instagram highlights?
Instagram highlights are not visible

Make the necessary checks by entering the marked areas in the pictures.

How to make Instagram highlights
Instagram highlights not showing

Steps to Fix Instagram Highlights Not Appearing

There is no time limit on this feature. In other words, it does not disappear within 24 hours like stories. It remains there until the user wants to delete it.

However, if the post to be shared in the highlights section remains for a long time, there may be a need to edit this post. The problem of this feature not being used due to region restrictions was also corrected in a short time.

Instagram highlights not showing, it means that something regional or infrastructural is going wrong. Of course, it would be better to clarify this situation by meeting with people you know in different regions.

Cihazların destekleyip desteklemediğini kontrol etsin. iPhone tarafında pek görmedik ama eski modellerde yaşanma olasılığı var. Eski işletim sistemine sahip telefonlarda bazen 3. parti uygulama kullanarak test ederiz. Kısaca versiyonlarından dolayı uyumsuz çıkardığı oluyor.

This process can sometimes take some time. We recommend that all account holders first check their account and then check the steps above. It should also open the archive from settings.

instagram highlights not showing
I can't see Instagram highlights

Instagram Highlights Not Appearing Android Steps

It has attracted a lot of attention from users since its release. However, this feature, which has attracted great attention, also brings with it some problems. With this problem, the developer side took action and after doing detailed research on the problem, offered some suggestions for the solution to its users.

If you log in to Instagram with Android and the logged-in section is not visible, the first thing users should do is log out of the Instagram application and log in again. If this solution does not work, users should make sure that the application is up to date. Afterwards, he/she must uninstall the application from root and install it again.

If it is not seen again, the time and date of the device you logged into should be checked. Accordingly, it can often be seen that the date and time are incorrect, especially on the tablets of the users. This was one of the most important reasons why the relevant part was not seen. If there is something other than the reasons we mentioned, then the device needs to be checked. In short, the cache, updates need to be removed and also the data needs to be cleared. Likewise, when there is no problem with the time and date, it is most likely caused by the cache and data. If these solutions do not work, ask for help from the developer or a technical authority.

Procedure to Perform from Samsung Phone

We publish one of the steps we frequently mention under this heading. Those who strictly follow these steps, which are a very effective method, will eliminate temporary application problems.

These suggestions, which can be applied to all phones with Android system, will most likely vary in options depending on the brand.

has. Text changes will also be seen, as will the sections we have specified change depending on the devices.

Go to the applications section in the settings of your device, tap the Instagram text and it will be enough to first remove the cache and then the updates. If the highlights still do not appear, we recommend running the other options in the section we mentioned. You need to enter your password again when entering your estimated account.

Those Who Want to Meet on Instagram

In cases where the solution steps do not work, we recommend creating a support request to the relevant network. You need to proceed with the correct options, fill out the required form completely and wait. We recommend that account owners who receive a negative response or no response reapply at regular intervals.

In response to those who ask how many days it will take to get a response, many websites provide information on the date. We gave possible day information in our previous explanations. However, we point out that there is no definitive return information. We recommend that the request be sent again after the first week of application.

Instagram “Highlights” Feature

Instagram constantly continues to offer new and interactive features to its users. One of these features is the “Highlights” feature. Here is a detailed promotional article about this feature of Instagram:

1. What are Highlights?

  • Instagram's “Highlights” feature allows users to make their stories more permanent on their profile page.
  • Thanks to this feature, users can save the stories they shared during a certain period of time on their profile pages.

2. How to Use?

  • After sharing a story, you can save the story on the profile by clicking the “Highlights” icon in the upper right corner of the story.
  • Stored stories are displayed as a circular icon on your profile page and become easily accessible to your visitors.

3. Personalizing Your Stories:

  • The Highlights feature allows users to categorize and personalize their stories.
  • You can make your profile more aesthetically pleasing by choosing a unique title and cover for each featured story.

4. Creating Permanent Content:

  • This feature gives users the opportunity to turn their temporary stories into permanent content.
  • It is a very effective tool, especially for brands, businesses and content producers, to highlight their specific campaigns or products.

5. Boost Your Instagram Profile Page:

  • The Highlights feature helps you make a more effective first impression by showing highlights of your stories to users who visit your profile page.
  • Users can interact with you using this feature as they explore your profile in more depth.

6. Comprehensive and Interactive Stories:

  • Highlights allow users to jump between your stories more easily, allowing you to create more comprehensive and interactive stories.
  • Your highlights can be a way to engage with your followers and provide them with more content.

Instagram's “Highlights” feature is a powerful tool that allows users to make their stories more permanent and interactive. You can use this feature effectively to make your profile page more attractive and establish a deeper connection with your followers.

Instagram's “Highlights” feature is a useful feature that allows users to share their content in a more strategic and long-term way. This feature is an important tool for content creators, brands and individuals to strengthen their profiles and provide a more interactive experience with their followers.

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