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When you open the Instagram application, you may encounter a problem such as there is no Instagram internet connection, sometimes instantly or sometimes in the stories. This is a warning that usually occurs momentarily but lasts for a while when you are restricted.

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You probably encounter chronic warnings in social applications at least once a year. no internet connection ' error and its solution, which is one of the rare problems This warning, which can be seen on most popular networks, may also have different names. It all depends on what message is encoded by the developer.

Instagram No Internet Connection Error

No internet connection is a warning text indicating that the Instagram application is having an access problem. The main factors that reveal this situation are:

Problems in Internet Access Inside and Outside the Country

In Turkey, there are occasional problems in accessing social media and some sites. This situation brings to mind the question: Did the administration block access to this social media network? Things like this happened from time to time. However, the root of the problem is the negativities experienced in Instagram systems or inside / outside the country. In rare cases, the account holder's connection or account is blocked.

Check the Application's Servers

More or less server problems occur every year. The place with the highest number of multiples is Meta company. As you know, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are one company and usually all of them can be affected when the problem starts.

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Problems in Implementation

Incompatibility of applications usually occurs with new versions released. Although rare, it may cause compatibility problems with some operating systems.

There Might Be a Problem with Your Phone

Although it is not common, your phone may be blocked or have compatibility issues. Check with another phone for you to try.

Investigate Whether There Are Problems With Your Account

Many of the users whose accounts are sanctioned experience disruptions in the use of their accounts for a while or longer. This results in partial or general impairment of use.

How to Fix Instagram No Internet Connection?

The steps you follow in the order above will most likely provide a solution or clarify your situation.

The summary of the above is as follows:

1- Log out of your Instagram account and log in again.

2- Turn off and on your device and your modem if you are making a wireless connection.

3- Do the internet test. To do this, check your account via a connection you do not use during the day.

4- You can try your account or application using a VPN service.

5- Log in with a browser and a different phone to test your phone.

6- In such cases, you need to try your account on different internet and several devices. Then reset your password as if you forgot it. One of the things you will do is to wait for a while without trying anything.

Uninstall the app and try previous versions of Instagram.

Old Version Usage Warnings

  1. Security and Privacy Risk: Using older versions sometimes poses a risk in terms of security updates and privacy measures. This will compromise the security of your account.
  2. Loss of Functionality: An older version will lack new features. This limits the user experience after a while.
  3. Lack of Official Support: Instagram does not provide the support it provides in the application to older versions. It is difficult to get support for older versions.

How to Use Old Instagram Version?

  1. If an updated app version is installed on the phone, uninstall it.
  2. Try to download an older version of Instagram as an APK file or from an alternative source (such as APKPure or Aptoide). We also recommend that you search the internet to find these versions. You will come across more stable versions.
  3. If you downloaded the APK file without any problems, you need to turn on the “Enable Unknown Sources” option in the phone settings. This allows installing APK files that you download from outside.
  4. Open the old app version file you downloaded and install it.
  5. Launch the application and grant the necessary permissions.
  6. Sign in to your account or create a new account.
  7. But remember, you will be disabling updates.

Important Note: Problems experienced in the Instagram application are sometimes caused by the platform itself. In this case, the best approach would be to wait and try again later.

Instagram No Internet Connection Problem

First of all, we would like to talk about the first steps to be taken in all problems. Let's pay attention to the following:

  • Instead of taking any action in case of instantaneous problems, investigate whether others have them.
  • Examine internet access. Check for breaks by opening a video.
  • Having insufficient free space on the device always causes trouble.
  • Testing other applications will help you understand the issue.

Yes, let's take a look at these and follow a path depending on the situation. We encountered such a situation a few times and saw it as an internet problem related to our location.

  • Renew the stories in the application. So a few intermittent attempts with swiping from top to bottom on the screen.
  • Those who use it wirelessly should try it with a mobile connection.
  • We recommend that those who use a modem turn the device off and on.
  • Turning off the phone again or logging in to the account with another device.
  • Try it on your computer or browser.

This can be seen if the application has received an update. In such cases, restarting, logging out of the account, and finally uninstalling and trying with an older version will provide us with healthy results.

Report the Problem to the Application Developer

For those who cannot solve their problem with the above steps, we recommend that you convey your problem to the developer, thinking that there may be a problem with the estimated account. To do this, apply from the application's settings using the first option in the image below.

Those who get Instagram no internet connection error
Instagram no internet connection error

Another suggestion is that if you have a Facebook account, you should connect it to Instagram, log out, and then connect to Instagram through the added account. This is also an important method and is preferred in solving many errors.

no internet connection instagram
No Instagram link

Here are our multiple suggestions for accounts that receive the Instagram no internet connection error.

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