Instagram Mutual Unblocking Not Working Solution

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Instagram's mutual unblocking error, which has been a frequent problem for a while, mostly calls for people who blocked people out of anger or by mistake and have the problem that it does not work.

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When we look at the main content of our article, we have previously shared with you a problem that has been seen for many years, and in this article we will explain it with a more up-to-date method. We can say that there were many people in the past who wrote how to remove obstacles in this way. There are people who ask for help saying that my friend and I accidentally blocked each other through the application and we cannot unblock them. We were encountering this problem intensely for a while and as far as we understood, it was related to a problem in the application. Nowadays, we encounter it very rarely.

Why Isn't Instagram Mutual Blocking Removed?

When you want to unblock the contacts, they remain on the same screen and appear on the white screen. User not found says. The basis for this is the frequent transaction processing and the suspension situation.

To block an account;

  • Tap on the contact name and move to the upper right corner,
  • Continue with three dots,
  • Perform the action with “Block”, which is in the second row,
  • He/she will not be able to see your profile, posts and stories for you to approve. A warning will appear that this will not be shared with the person.

We no longer provide service with our number 085053259…, which provided a solution for a while, but you can ask for help from the number suggested in the article.

How to Remove Mutual Block on Instagram?

Uyarı: Uygulama ana ekranda “Following” başlığı altında yer alan kişi profili üzerinden işlem yapılmayacak. O yer takipçi silme yeri ve siz aşağıdaki ilgili bölümden işlem yapacaksınız. Artı uygulamadan doğan sorumlulukları kabul etmiş olduğunuzu belirtelim. Bundan dolayı gösterdiğimiz adımların dışına çıkmayınız. İşlem bittikten sonra hesabınıza normal instagram üzerinden girip şifrenizi değiştiriniz.

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1- Karşılıklı engel kaldırma programı resimli anlatım

  • Google Play’ ı açınız,
  • Arama kısmına “Cleaner for instagram” yazarak aratın,
  • Resimli anlatımda yer alan uygulamayı indirin,
  • Çalıştırın ve “Username” kısmına kullanıcı adınızı yazın,
  • Şifreyi yazdıktan sonra giriş yapın,
  • Sözleşmeyle karşılaşacaksınız “Agree” ile onaylayınız,
  • Hesabı kaydetmek için “Save” ya da yapmadan “Don’t save” ile devam edebilirsiniz,
  • “Cancel” yazısına dokunun,
  • Uygulamadan sağ alt köşeden “Settings” kısmına girin,
  • Açılanlardan en aşağıya geçin ve “Blocked users” bölümüne geçin,
  • Engelli hesap yukarıda çıkacak ve üstüne dokunun,
  • Alt sağ kısmında “Şimşek” simgesine dokunun,
  • Açılanlar içerisinden “Unblock” üstüne dokun,
  • Küçük bir işlem bekletmesi yapılacak ve engel kalkacak. 
Instagram karşılıklı engel kaldırma kalkmıyor çözümü
Instagram karşılıklı engel kaldırma kalkmıyor çözümü
instagram engellenen kişinin engelini kaldırma
Instagram karşılıklı engel kalkmıyor çözümü

2- Unblocking a third account

  • If you do not have another account, you can open a new Instagram account or use your friend's account for the process.
  • Blocked accounts will follow this account.
  • This account is for disabled people.
  • The front account will post a picture and tap anywhere to tag the two accounts in the picture.
  • Then people will view this image and click on the name of the person they blocked.
  • A blank page will open and it will say "user not found".
  • Then the operation will be carried out with three points from above.

3- Trading under normal conditions

  • Open the app's settings.
  • Go to the privacy section.
  • Switch to “Blocked accounts” option
  • Tap on the contact and remove it.

We tested the first option above and the second option without any problems. But some may not or may not be able to do it. With the application, the person's profile will appear in the first place during the process. Do not do business from this place. We hope the steps to unblock a blocked person on Instagram have worked for you.

Instagram Unblocking Suggestion Illustrated Explanation

The number of users asking how to remove mutual blocking from Instagram has increased. We see that the number of people who frequently request help has increased significantly, especially in the last 2-3 years. While unblocking two blocked accounts, it stays on the screen and gives an error stating that the user cannot be found. So what should be done?

If our suggestions did not work;

  • Try it on different phones.
  • Since there may be a problem on either side, mutually block another account and try the same process.
  • If attempts are made too frequently, a partial transaction restriction is applied.
  • Report the issue to Instagram.

Many users have been contacting us regarding the long-standing Instagram mutual unblocking problem. We have previously published a general news on the subject. But what we published was about my normal removal process. Here they are to be done in difficult situations.

Instagram Mutual Unblocking Continued

First, two problematic accounts need to follow one account. The following account also needs to follow these 2 problematic accounts. You can either do this through a friend's account, or you can open a new account and use it to unblock. We did this and opened a new account and made transactions.

  1. Open a new Instagram account. Open an account with an e-mail address that has not been used on Instagram before.
  2. Follow the two accounts that have blocked each other with the Instagram account you opened.
  3. Follow the newly opened Instagram account from two accounts that have blocked each other.
  4. Share a photo from your newly opened Instagram account. Tap on the option to tag people when sharing and select these two accounts. When tagging, you need to touch any area in the image to add the person.
  5. If you tagged both accounts, now post the photo.
  6. Then tap on the person you blocked in the photo tagged from blocked accounts.
  7. When the profile is displayed, you will see a warning saying "user not found".
  8. Tap the 3 dots next to the blocked contact. Then tap “unblock”.

Now the other one can try to remove it directly by entering the opposite profile or follow the same order. We have seen that this method is an exact solution in most accounts.

I can't unblock each other on Instagram, exact solution
Instagram unblock solution
I can't unblock each other on Instagram
Instagram not blocking problem
Instagram mutual unblocking
Additional recommendations on account restrictions
Why is the block not removed?
Unblocking problem

Attention: If you follow the steps in this news step by step, you will reach the definitive solution. If your problem still persists, either there is a problem with one of the accounts, or the transactions are not completed properly and you are most likely doing something wrong.

Removal Process via Normal Means

  • The accounts that blocked each other are Teknolojihatti and Teknoloji24. Now let's click on one of them,
  • We touched the one that says Teknolojihatti,
  • Then switch to the Teknolojihatti profile,
  • "User not found" warning appeared,
  • We clicked the “three dots” above and “unblock” solved the problem.
instagram unblocking
User not found problem
  • If the above does not work, log out of your entire account and log in again and follow the steps.
there is no blocking
User not found error

Problem of Unblocking a Person

We wanted to show you how to uninstall one of the applications with a visual explanation. We explained it step by step for those who say that they may have blocked someone by accident but do not know how to remove it.

Operation errors may occur on some mobile phones due to software incompatibility. Therefore, you can try it from another phone or test it on an old Instagram version.

Please note that all Instagram accounts to be processed must not be private accounts. If there is a private account, the transaction will not be processed.

Normally the removal process would be as follows:

  • Open your profile,
  • Tap the wheel above,
  • Open “Blocked accounts”,
  • Select the contact and click the remove button.
unblock someone
See blocked accounts
how to unblock
Unblock blocked account

We explained in detail in the article what those who experience Instagram mutual unblocking errors should do. I hope it was useful to you.

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