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If you experience the problem of no sound or no sound in video calls in the Instagram application, this may be a regional access problem. If there is no sound in a video call, the following suggestions may be useful to you.

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The late arrival of the long-awaited video call was a separate problem, and the problems that arose after it arrived became another matter of concern. We have given the details of this feature, which has finally arrived after a long wait, in another news article. Those who want to review the news can find it at the bottom. Instagram, which continues to innovate rapidly, offers this feature immediately after the innovation in video sharing, showing how user-oriented their approach is.

We said video chat has started. But he wrote that he had problems with some of them. We listed our suggestions, thinking that they might be useful.

No Sound Problem in Instagram Video Call

If there is no sound to the other party in the video call or there is no sound, the following can be tried. If the steps did not solve the problem, if the problem is in the phone, the device can be formatted and tried. Or updating software from scratch. So the ROM may need to be flashed.

Video call no soundvevideo call no soundWhat is the reason? It is always recommended to try it with headphones. Most of the time, for those who have this problem, the sound goes to the other party through the headphones. Try the following. If you still encounter the problem, please leave a comment and wait for our response within 24 hours. Also, write down the exact problem, that is, the error message you receive.

NOT: Kulaklık takılıp denenmesi şiddetle önerilir. Sorun yoksa yazılım uyumsuzluğu var. İster iyi bir kulaklıkla yola devam edersiniz, isterse sıfır yazılım kurulumuyle ve dahasıyla uğraşmaya talip olursunuz.

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  1. Farklı internet ve telefon kullanılarak analiz edilmesi gerekiyor. Başkalarında çıkma olasılığını düşünerek araştırmanızı da önermekteyiz.
  2. Profil alanındaki bir kaç şeyin değiştirilip kayıt sırasında problem çıkaran bir mesaj veriyorsa talep oluşturunuz. 
  3. Kulaklıkla kesinlikle test etmenizi öneriyoruz.
  4. Güncellemelerin yükseltilmesi uyum yönünden az olasa da sıkıntılar çıkardığın biliyoruz. Bunun için ki eski versiyonların denenmesinde fayda göreceksiniz.


  • Cihaz, internet kapatılıp açılsın ve ağ ayarları da sıfırlanabilir.
  • Oturumu kapatıp tekrar açarak deneyiniz.
  • Başka internet ağlarını deneyin. Turkcell, WiFi ve Vodafone gibi alternatiflere bakılmalı.
  • Başka bir telefonda hesap denenip duruma göre hareket edilsin. Aynı zamanda da deneyeceğiniz başka hesap kullanılarak cihaz testi de yapılabilir.
  • Başka bir uygulamada da deneyin. Whatsapp gibi…
  • Instagram uygulaması kaldırılsın. Ön bellekteki dosya kalıntıları silinsin. Sonra uygulama yeniden yüklenerek denensin.
  • 3. Parti uygulamalar üzerinden instagram denensin.
  • Telefonunuzu fabrika ayarlarına döndürmeye çalışın.
  • Yeni bir yazılım yüklemesi yapılsın. Yani Android’ de ROM ve iPhone’ da ise iOS sürümü 11-12 gibi…
  • The phone software may be incompatible and there is a possibility that it may be on the camera side as well.

Instagram / SettingsLog out from and log in again. If there is a problem, click "report a problemUse the ” option. Also check the camera and microphone settings in the settings.

Instagram communication channel
Instagram video call no sound, no sound
Instagram video call no sound, no sound
Instagram video call audio is not working

We have shown iPhone users in the picture below where you can make a notification and where the necessary permissions are obtained. In case of malfunctions caused by the devices, you may need to return to factory settings.

audio related solutions
No sound on Instagram video call

Instagramthere is image but no soundFor those who say, you may find the definitive solution in our article. We have talked a little about this highly anticipated feature before and we leave the content below.

Voice and video call icons displayed in application packages prove these claims. Rumor has it that Instagram is currently testing video calling. While there is no official statement about the issue, it continues to operate silently in the background.

Rumors of video calling were revealed in the first month of this year. But these images are true. This move of the company is expected to further expand Instagram.

No income will be generated from the video call. Currently, this feature is not a work prepared for profit. But he can get to this door indirectly.

This innovation will allow users to spend more time on Instagram. While there is not much information about the new feature, it is expected to become clear within a month or two.

Instagram Video Call Audio Problem: Causes and Fixing Suggestions

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to video call each other. However, it is possible to encounter audio-related issues during a video call from time to time. Such audio issues can negatively impact the enjoyment and effectiveness of video calls.

**1.Don't Allow Microphone Access:When making a video call, make sure you allow Instagram's microphone access. Check that microphone access to Instagram is allowed in your device's settings. Also update the app to make sure Instagram has microphone access.

**2.Cleaning the Microphone:Your device's microphone may become dirty or dusty over time. If there is an obstruction in the microphone, the sound quality may decrease or the sound may be cut off completely. Use a soft cloth or cleaning cloth to gently clean the microphone.

**3.Problems Caused by Other Applications:Another app may be using the microphone on your device and this may be causing audio issues with Instagram video calls. Before making a video call, check the microphone usage of other apps and close them if necessary.

**4.Keeping the Device Up to Date:Up-to-date versions of your device's operating system and applications can help prevent audio problems. Get the latest updates for your device and update the Instagram app as well.

**5.Headphone or Bluetooth Problems:If you are making video calls via headphones or Bluetooth devices, sound problems may be caused by these devices. Check the connections of your headphones or Bluetooth devices, or isolate the problem by trying a different headset.

**6.Internet Connection and Speed:Low internet speed or unstable connections can negatively affect audio quality during video calls. Check your internet connection and try switching to a Wi-Fi network where you can get a better signal.

**7.Restarting Instagram App:There may be a problem with the application memory. Close the Instagram app and open it again. This may fix some temporary problems.

**8.Contact Instagram Support Team:If you still have an Instagram video call audio problem despite trying the steps above, you can get more help by contacting the Instagram support team. On Instagram's official website or within the app, there may be a section such as “Support” or “Contact Us”.

If you've tried the steps above to resolve your issues and still haven't succeeded, there may be a more complex technical issue with your device or the Instagram app. In this case, it is recommended to seek help from a technical expert.

Here are our suggestions for the Instagram video call no sound problem.

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