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Instagram, we are sorry, but most of the people who experience the error "There was a problem" constantly see this message on their screens. This causes users to be unable to access their accounts or view new posts.

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Sorry, but when we look at the error "There was a problem", there is a phrase indicating that there is no internet connection. We think we have encountered the problem mentioned in the title a few times. It happened in the systems of our public network. However, let us also point out that one of them is related to our internet connection.

Although the necessary information seems to be included in the official statement of the network, it is said that it is difficult to access some of them, including Facebook. Instagram stated that they are aware and are working to return to normal as quickly as possible.

What does Instagram mean, Sorry but there was a problem?

We are sorry, but a problem has occurred, a warning message constantly appears on the screen in the Instagram application, sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom. This situation mostly occurs when there are access problems for the application and problems in using the application. Maybe there is an error on the servers and the application is not processing. We went into many areas of the application and tried this and the situation was the same. In the past, it wouldn't appear when you entered the settings or profile area, but now when we try it, the message "We're sorry, but there was a problem occurred" appears in every area.

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Instagram We're Sorry But There's a Problem How Do You Solve It?

Our suggestions will shed light on possible solutions to the problem and include details about what should be done and what should not be done.

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System Related Blockages

Hanging or usage problems may occur as a result of software glitches. Plus, some may experience negativity as a result of their work. For example, in a problem we call chronic, there are accounts that are not opened after freezing.

Network / port failures occurring within the country or abroad may not be detected immediately. We recommend you to look at the posts on other social networks.

Sorry, But a Problem Occurred User Errors

What was seen today was a system problem that affected all users of Instagram. In the following hours, the problem was resolved and the warning was gradually removed from the users. But this warning can be seen in some users, although it is rare. Now we will explain the reasons for this and what needs to be tried.

  1. Blocking that occurs when the user frequently logs in from different locations.
  2. Errors that occur occasionally due to VPN use.
  3. It's a problem with the device's software.
  4. This is an issue that occurs after an application update.
  5. This is how the developer partially blocks the user due to suspicious posts.
  6. It appears when the application is reinstalled after being removed from the device. In this case, a solution can be provided by either resetting the phone or installing a file manager application on the phone and deleting the Instagram folder on the device.
Instagram Sorry but something went wrong error
We're sorry, but something went wrong Instagram

Instagram Sorry But There Was a Problem Trial and Error

  1. It can be tested elsewhere on the internet.
    • (Wi-Fi, mobile/cellular)
    • There may be bans or infrastructure problems.
  2. Turning off the modem is always recommended.
    • It may be necessary to do the same for all devices that are left on for a long time.
  3. VPN can solve any problem (but frequent attempts may pose a questionable security issue)
  4. It can be entered from the computer and even try it with the Windows application.
    • This is not always the case, or at least not today.
  5. Sign out of your account. So log out and log in again.
  6. Checking the phone's history and clearing the app's data/cache can be done.
  7. If you are accessing from a browser, check if it can be recorded when you add something. If not, it is due to punishment or the system.
Instagram, we're sorry, but something went wrong, please try again.
Instagram sorry but something went wrong message

Providing a Temporary Solution by Converting Your Account to a Business

We have tried this with numerous account issues. It generally works. What we do is to change the account type from personal to business option in the application's settings.

To switch to a business profile, go to the Account area in the app's settings and continue with the appropriate option. After confirmation, try again by restarting the application.

We're sorry, but there was a problem with Instagram.
Account type change for Instagram sorry error

The above method is tried in chronic problems that are not related to the user.

Deficiencies in the Profile Area

Missing fields in your account need to be filled in. Plus, make sure to verify your phone number to verify your account or to make it seem trustworthy.

Verify with a number that has not been used on another Instagram account before. It will always be better to verify with the information belonging to the account owner. This is an important detail in order to verify identity or phone verification correctly when faced with a problem tomorrow.

Deleting Instagram's Cache

Instagram cache is the remains of your actions in the application. Cache allows the application to run more efficiently, but the accumulation of data over time can cause the application to slow down or cause errors.

Here is the step-by-step Instagram cache clearing process:

Step 1:Run the application and enter the Profile field. You will access the profile from the “Profile” icon in the lower right corner.

Step 2:You can access the settings via the 3 lines at the top on the right. Then scroll down a little and go to the “Settings” area.

Step 3:Access the Security tab from Settings.

Step 4:On the “Security” page, open the “Manage Data and Security” section.

Step 5:Tap the “Clear Cache” option and clear the cache by confirming the confirmation request that appears on the screen.

Importance of Clearing Cache:

  1. Improves Application Performance: An unremoved cache will cause the application to run slowly over time. Clearing the cache will allow relevant applications to run more smoothly.
  2. Frees up Storage Space on the Device: It causes the cache to occupy unnecessary space. By cleaning, it provides more or less performance in both application and device areas.
  3. Fixes Data Issues: Clearing the cache once in a while helps in fixing both app and data connection issues.
  4. Temporarily Helps Problems in the Application: It is one of the first options used to solve unexpected problems in applications.

Please note that after applying this process, page loading times will be slightly longer. Because the application will have to download the data again.

Getting Rid of the Error by Using the Reset Password Option

Sometimes there are messages given in response to regulations that are deemed suspicious. There are times here when a day is up or verification needs to be done. People who want to get rid of waiting try the password reset option, a rarely used tactic. We cannot say that this solution provides a definitive solution. However, sometimes it provides a temporary solution to a number of problems that go wrong.

The tactic you can use to overcome the error message by using password reset is as follows:

  • Open two tabs in your browser.
  • should be open in one and your email attached to your account should be open in the other.
  • Let us remind you that your email account must be logged in.
  • Tap the password reset option on the Instagram website and initiate the reset via email.
  • The system, which detects your open e-mail account in the side tab, will directly open a field for you to set a new password.
  • After setting your new password, log in and try it.

Instagram, we are sorry, but we hope you have benefited from the content we have prepared for the error "There was a problem, try again."

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