Downgrading from iOS 10 Beta to Older Version

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How to downgrade from iOS Beta version to older version? It is sometimes impossible to go back to the old version of iOS with the i-Tunes program. However, since this topic is in beta, we will not have much difficulty.

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While Apple had been working on iOS 9.0 versions for months, it was also continuing to work on iOS 10. Finally, iOS 10 Beta version has been released. If you want to download iOS 10, you can find the details in our news on how to install iOS 10.

To revert to the current version you are using from the iOS Beta version, you must have the current version of iTunes installed on your computer. Put your iPhone into Device recovery mode. You can access recovery mode by pressing and holding the Power and Menu keys while the device is turned off. Run the i-Tunes program and start the restoration steps. If you have activated your phone's Find My iPhone feature, you will need to enter your Apple ID account when activating the device. If the iOS old version restoration steps cannot be performed, the support line .

Downgrading from iOS 10 Beta to older version
Rolling back from beta version to older version

Downgrading from iOS 10 Beta to Older Version

To go back to the previous normal version of iOS 10 Beta, you can review our previously prepared topics on how to go back to the old version of iOS on iPhone, how to go back to the old version of iOS with the i-Tunes program and how to install iOS 10.

On iOS devices, downgrading to the old version can only be done on devices with Beta installed. In normal versions, you cannot go back to the previous version. You can visit Apple official site for information.

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Exiting iOS Beta

Introduction: iOS beta versions provide an opportunity for users who want to test new features from Apple. However, since beta versions are still in development, stability issues and incompatibilities may occur. Exiting beta allows users to return to stability. In this article, we will explain step by step how to exit iOS beta.

Step 1: Make a Backup Before taking any action, it is important to back up the data on your device. Securely back up all your data using iCloud or iTunes. Thus, you can avoid any data loss.

Step 2: Go to Settings Go to the Settings app to uninstall the beta version on your device.

Step 3: Click on General Click on “General” in the Settings app.

Step 4: Locate and Delete Profile Option Find the “Profile” or “Profile and Device Management” option in the General tab. This option includes the profile that allows you to install the beta version on your device. Once you find the profile, delete the option.

Step 5: Restart After deleting the profile, restart your device. This completes the removal of the beta version.

Step 6: Check for Software Update After restarting your device, go back to the Settings app. Check the “Software Update” section. If you're out of beta, you should see the latest stable iOS version available here. Download and install this version.

The process of exiting iOS beta is that simple. By following these steps, you can revert your device to a more stable iOS version and avoid possible incompatibilities. Also, don't forget to backup your data so you can avoid any data loss. Good luck!

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