iPhone Connects to WiFi But Doesn't Access the Internet

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We encounter people who say that their iPhone connects to Wifi, but they cannot access the internet even though there is a connection. In fact, such things happen to us from time to time.

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In this article, we will talk about the wifi problem experienced in iPhone models, the flagship of the Apple brand. The internet has now become indispensable in our lives. We use the internet extensively in every aspect of our lives, from shopping to banking, no matter what category you think of. Especially the development of mobile devices has increased this usage even more. We no longer use our computers but our mobile phones and tablets in our homes. If you cannot browse the internet even though your mobile phone is connected to the Wi-Fi modem you use at home, you can try the solution in this news.

First Checks for iPhone Connecting Problem

Let's try the following after restarting the phone.

  • There are parts you need to test and check before applying the procedures.
  • In order for it to be caused by the modem used, both the phone and the modem must be turned off and on again.
  • What are the phrases that show that there is internet? (Are the DSL and internet lights on?)
  • Let's try it with a different internet and device.

iPhone Connects to WiFi But Doesn't Access the Internet

Problems experienced in the versions of models that can connect to Wi-Fi but cannot browse the internet can be seen. Anyway, on the iOS side, we think that the connections are not fully stable.

Before starting this process, the following problems should not exist;

  1. First of all, ensure that there are no problems with the wifi connection settings of the modem you are using and its settings.
    • Open the modem's settings and try changing the channel value to 6 and then to 11.
    • We also recommend temporarily disabling the firewall or testing it by setting it to the lowest level.
  2. Additionally, there should be no problem with your internet provider. Especially with Türksat modems, your devices can connect to wifi even if there is no internet.
  3. Resetting your iPhone's network settings may help.
    • Go to the General section and continue with “Network settings” in the “Reset” section. (Only the things on the network side of the device will be deleted. For example, the network information you previously connected to)
  4. In case of developments on the phone side, resetting, formatting and flashing software are recommended.

DNS Address Usage

If you do not have the above problems, you may need to change the DNS settings of your smartphone. When you search for working DNS numbers on Google, your problem will be solved when you enter one of the DNS numbers on your phone.

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The device will restart after the addresses you define. It is even recommended to restart your modem.

iPhone connects to Wifi but does not connect to the internet
iPhone Connects to WiFi But Doesn't Access the Internet

iPhone Connects to WiFi but Doesn't Access the Internet

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives and without Wi-Fi access they are almost useless. However, sometimes even though your iPhone seems to be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network, you may experience problems accessing the internet. Let's examine what you should do in such a situation and possible solutions.

**1.Check Wi-Fi Network:First, make sure that the Wi-Fi network you are trying to connect to is working. If other devices can connect to this network, the problem may be caused by your iPhone.

**2.Turn Your iPhone's Wi-Fi Off and On:The most basic step to fix Wi-Fi problems is to turn your iPhone's Wi-Fi off and on again. Go to the Settings app, turn Wi-Fi off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. This may help your phone restart its Wi-Fi connection.

**3.Check Modem and Router:Check your modem and router to see if the problem is caused by your Wi-Fi network. Try turning these devices off, waiting a few seconds, and then turning them back on. Sometimes, problems can be fixed with a simple reboot.

**4.Check Airplane Mode:Airplane mode disables Wi-Fi and cellular connections. If airplane mode is on, you cannot connect to Wi-Fi. Make sure airplane mode is off.

**5.Reset Network Settings:Resetting network settings can help resolve Wi-Fi related issues. Go to “General” in the Settings app, then select “Transfer & Reset” and select “Reset Network Settings.” This will delete any records for Wi-Fi networks and passwords, so you may need to re-enter your connection information.

**6.Change DNS Settings:Sometimes there may be problems with your DNS (Domain Name System) settings. Go to Wi-Fi in the Settings app, select the network you're connected to, then try changing the “DNS” option from “Automatic” to another DNS server like “Google DNS” or “OpenDNS.”

**7.Check for iOS Updates:If an up-to-date iOS version is not available on your iPhone, you may experience Wi-Fi problems. Check for the latest updates by going to Settings > General > Software Update and update as needed.

**8.Connect to Different Network and Configure Modem Settings:Try to connect to a different wireless network. Depending on the situation, you can manually define DNS within your modem and restart the modem. If the problem is still caused by the modem, reset your modem.

**8.Contact Apple Support:If the above steps do not resolve the issue, you may consider contacting Apple Support. Experts can provide more in-depth assistance and help you solve your specific problem.

If your iPhone connects to the WiFi network but cannot access the internet, you can find the source of the problem and try solutions by following the steps above. Remember that it's a good idea to back up your device before performing any steps so you can minimize the risk of data loss.

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