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In our news, we will talk about the problem of the iPhone keyboard screen not appearing and the recommended settings that will make it easier to use the keyboard. You will also find in the article what attempts should be made by those who get the error "The keyboard screen does not turn on" to solve it.

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While there are many reasons for rare disruptions in iPhone keyboard settings, it does not occur to us that it may be due to something the user has done wrong. We see that in most of the help requests we receive, users cannot fully explain their problem. We even encounter people asking for help by writing a sentence or two.

In order to understand exactly why the warnings appear in the system, we need to know what actions the last user took. The solution will take some time as we will have many options such as updating, installing applications, using auxiliary tools and more without knowing what they are.

iPhone keyboard screen does not turn on

Before answering your question why the iPhone keyboard screen does not appear, you need to think about what you do during the day. There is a possibility that something you did incorrectly or something related to it indirectly caused this. After this evaluation, take a look at the possible reasons below.

  1. Have you installed or uninstalled any apps during the day?
  2. Have there been iOS or app updates?
  3. Have you tampered with the device's settings?
  4. Is there a mistake in the date and is there room for storage?
  5. Is it possible for the screen to be damaged due to pressure or falling?

Our solution suggestions for iPhone keyboard not coming out

  1. Turn your phone off and on again.
  2. It is possible that conflicts may arise as a result of a keyboard application you installed or similar. You need to uninstall whatever is installed and try it. If it is important to you and you will lose data if you remove it, then try disabling it. Make sure it's not running in the background.
  3. Those who have tampered with the keyboard or device settings and who still have problems despite resetting them should apply the reset of their phone settings from the reset section in the general section. What you should pay attention to here is that you do not accidentally adjust the factory settings.
  4. The system does not work stably because there is not enough space in the storage areas. Even if you think there are, there is a situation where the functioning of the system files is inadequate. So this requires more space.
  5. Inaccuracy of date may prevent the device from functioning properly.
  6. The touchpad has been damaged by falling, water contact or any pressure. Consider this possibility and get the necessary expert support. Plus run the virtual keyboard for testing.
  7. Test by uninstalling some of the installed applications one by one. Try it every time you lift it and continue lifting it according to the situation.
  8. Try resetting it to factory settings. If this is not enough, then reinstall iOS using iTunes.

Resetting the phone setting

To reset the phone's settings correctly, just follow the steps below.

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A minor change has been made in the "General" section of the settings in the new iOS version. The Reset text changed to “Transfer or reset iPhone”. Afterwards, you enter the "Reset" section and complete the process with "Reset all settings".

iPhone keyboard screen does not appear 2
iPhone keyboard screen does not appear
iPhone keyboard screen does not appear 3
iPhone keyboard screen does not turn on
iPhone keyboard screen does not appear 4
iPhone keyboard not working

How to operate iPhone virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard is best used when the buttons or keys do not work on older iPhone phones. To do this, follow the steps below.

Take action in the "Accessibility" field in the settings. Of course, in some cases, it is opened from keyboards / keyboards and different areas.

In cases where the load is insufficient, if possible, a virtual keyboard application is used.

We analyzed the reasons for the negativity experienced in the iPhone keyboard not working problem and shared the steps to be followed with the most harmless ones in possible situations. In our opinion, there are rarely any reasons other than screen malfunctions and software problems.

Usage recommendations for iPhone keyboard

No matter how useful our iPhones are, some models have slightly smaller screens. Especially if you have big fingers, sometimes typing causes unwanted spelling errors and difficulties.

We have prepared some tips for you that will make it easier for you to write with your iPhone. We wish you pleasant reading.

Open your settings

To use all the features of your keyboard, Settings > General > Keyboard and browse the options according to how you want to use your keyboard. The Automatic Capitalization option sets the first letters and letters after the dots to be capitalized when typing in any application. Autocorrect automatically corrects the incorrect words you type.

The Spell Check option, if you type a wrong word, highlights it by underlining it in red and shows similar correct words when you tap on the word. Clicking on the correct word is enough to correct your misspelling.

Caps Lock allows us to use the keyboard's Shift key as Caps Lock. The prediction option also predicts the words you will type (for example, Monday) and shows it to you. Finally, “.” The dot shortcut, when you press the Space key twice while typing, puts a period at the end of the sentence and leaves a space.

a single digit

If you are going to put a single number in the text, you do not need to change your keyboard. All you have to do is touch the symbol on the number keyboard and press the number without removing your finger. Thus, the keyboard will immediately return to the part where the letters are. The same goes for typing uppercase letters with the Shift key.


To use this feature, you need to activate the Caps Lock feature from the keyboard settings section that we mentioned at the beginning. When you press the Shift key twice, a tiny line appears under the Shift arrow and you can type in capital letters without having to press shift for each letter.

special letters

To easily write special letters such as èéêëeee, simply hover over that letter and hold it down for a while. All special letters appear in a small menu appearing at the top.

Easy rewind and forward

You can undo any text you have written by shaking your iPhone. On the screen that appears after shaking the iPhone, the Undo: Writing menu appears. You can choose either Cancel or Undo. Similarly, if you shake your device to bring back a text you have deleted, select Redo from the menu that appears: Redo under the Writing option, and the last deleted texts will be restored.

Magnifying glass

If you made a single letter mistake in a large text, you do not need to delete the text up to that section. If you hold your finger on the faulty area for a while, a magnifying glass appears and moves the typing cursor wherever you drag your finger.

Copy paste

To copy a large text, quickly double-click on the first word of the part you want to copy and you will see that it is selected with a blue dotted area, with two blue bars at the beginning and end. You can make your selection and copy it by pulling the bars to the desired area. Likewise, long tapping on the empty area where you want to paste the text will bring up the paste option.

quick fix

If you missed a letter, it will be underlined in red. When you hover over this word and click once, a box appears showing the correct word. To correct it, just press the word in the box.

Bold, Italic and underlined text

Yes, you can write these on iPhone too. For this, if you select this section from the black band menu that appears right above after making the selection process for copying as explained above, the Bold, Italic and Underline section will appear. From here you can choose according to the emphasis you want to give to your article.

Easy image placement

If you want to place a picture in the e-mail you send, you do not have to select it from the Photos section and add it to the e-mail sending option. If you move forward from the black band-shaped menu that appears when you press and hold for a while while in the e-mail field, the "Add Photo" option will appear and you can click here and select the photo you want from your gallery.

We have included steps for general searches for complaints about iPhone keyboard not working or iPhone keyboard not opening. We strongly recommend that those without technical knowledge do not intervene in case of hardware malfunctions.

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