What Does iPhone Charging Standby Mean?

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iPhone charging is on hold. We think this warning, which appeared with iOS 16, is an innovation to avoid risking battery health. Such a warning text will appear from time to time on all models using this version. It will be more frequent, especially in the summer months. Of course, those who play games for hours will definitely benefit from it.

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When the charging waiting error appears, the information in the description field is as follows: 'charging will resume when your iPhone returns to a normal temperature‘.

After the iOS 16 update, a warning appears on the screen saying iPhone charging is pending. This is mostly seen in models that support this version. We think we encountered this once in something different. The phone we are using is iPhone 11 pro max and a temporary protection screen appeared due to overheating.

What is iPhone Charging Standby?

Your iPhone may go into “Standby” mode when charged. This is something that many users have seen and is actually a normal function of your device. “Standby” mode is a feature designed to optimize iPhone battery life and performance. Here's more information about iPhone standby mode:

1. Battery Protection Mode:iPhone can go into “Standby” mode when charging to prevent the battery from overheating and preserve battery life. This mode may activate especially at high temperatures or when the battery is fully charged. This prevents the battery from overheating and being damaged.

2. Charge Protection Mode:If your iPhone has an 80% charge or higher, your device may go into “Standby” mode. This is done to prevent situations where the battery is fully charged and to maintain the health of the battery. The battery charges more slowly as it approaches full capacity.

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3. Battery Cycle Length:Your iPhone manages battery cycles to extend battery life. A battery cycle represents the process of fully charging the battery, completely discharging it, and charging it again. iPhone can use “Standby” mode to optimize battery cycles.

4. Low Power Consumption:“Standby” mode allows your device to operate in a low power consumption state. This helps the battery last longer. This mode can be active especially when your device's screen is off or applications running in the background are at a minimum.

5. Charging Time:Charging in standby mode may take slightly longer to reach full capacity. This means the battery charges more slowly, but it's important to maintain battery health.

iPhone charging standby 3
iPhone charging standby problem

Why Does iPhone Appear on Charging Standby?

It happens to users who expose their phones to excessive heat. It occurs more frequently in people who play long-term games, especially in the summer months. Possible reasons for exposure to such a thing are as follows:

  • Leaving the phone in a sunny place for too long in extremely hot weather
  • Using games, movies and any applications that will strain the phone
  • Keeping the phone in hot places or in tight spaces during summer months. Sample jeans stay for hours
  • Charging with something troublesome. Low or high voltage adapter and force any tool to charge with the device.
iPhone charging standby
What does iPhone charging standby mean?

On devices with English language option, the text “Charging on hold” appears on the screen. Maybe this text will also appear on Turkish devices.

What is the Solution for iPhone Charging Standby?

Your phone will continue charging once it reaches a normal temperature. Be careful not to use the phone for only a short time. Of course, it would be useful to check the background. It would be healthier to stop unnecessary employees. For example, if Google Maps is running in the background, it consumes serious battery power.

According to rumors, such a problem occurs if the temperature reaches 32-35 degrees.

Remove Warning by Cooling iPhone

The phone should not be used for a while. Leave the screen turned off. If there is no urgent need, turn off your phone with the power button. If it must be reached, keep the device in a cool place. It will be useful to keep it on a marble that is not exposed to the sun. If possible, it is sufficient to keep it in a place with air conditioning. Keep the device in a place where it will not come into contact with liquid.

Restricted Use

Take a look at the background and temporarily let what's important to you work. Stop the others. To do this, enter the "Refresh application in the background" field under the "general" heading and make the necessary adjustments. This is recommended for your normal use. In short, iPhone charging standby is a temporary situation, but if you use it for normal use, you will understand what we mean.

Check Cable and Charging Adapter

Problems occur over time with non-original cables and charging adapters. While it causes more heat than normal, it also harms battery life. Sometimes you may experience battery swelling problem.

Those who say their charger is original are still advised to try it with another cable and device to test their devices.

iPhone charging standby will be available for intensive use on iPhone 12, pro, max, iPhone 13, pro and iPhone 14 models. Common warning information for all 'charging will resume when your iPhone returns to a normal temperature' will be in the form.

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