Is it possible to use Airpods on TV?

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Pairing is required to use AirPods on a TV. Some Smart TV models can choose wireless headphones. People asking if this headset works

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It would be better not to give an answer without testing it. It didn't happen especially when we tried Philips TV. We think you will have problems with most of the series. This may also be valid for LG and Samsung TVs. Technology is used for multiple purposes in every aspect of our lives, both to make our work easier and to reach more masses. Many products provide convenience to us as they are used at every stage of life.Airpodsis one of these products.

Airpods, Apple’ ın  kablosuz kulaklığı ve en kaliteli lider ürünlerin başında yer alıyor. Çalışırken iş ortamında, araba kullanırken, yürüyüş yaparken çoğu zaman kablolu kulaklık sıkıntı çıkarabilmektedir. Bu durumlarda airpodslar sayesinde büyük bir rahatlık yaşayabiliriz. Üstelik günümüzde Airpodsları hem televizyonunuza hem de akıllı telefonlarınıza entegre edip daha geniş bir alanda kullanım sağlayabilirsiniz. Bu sayede ortam kalabalık olsa bile siz Airpods sayesinde rahatlıkla televizyon izleme fırsatı bulursunuz. Airpods televizyonda nasıl kullanılır?

Airpods TV setup

To use AirPods on a television, your television must have a Bluetooth setting. If your television has this setting, then you can easily integrate both devices.

First of all, you need to go to the settings section on your television using your remote control. After this process, you should go to sound settings and select the speaker list. When you select the speaker list, the brand of your television will appear on the screen. After selecting the television brand from here, a warning will appear stating that the headset is connected. If you click connect at this stage, your process will be completed easily.

After completing all the procedures, you can click OK and complete your transaction successfully. You can then watch it on TV with headphones. Thus, you can watch television comfortably even in a crowded environment.

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The TV must have Bluetooth feature. For those who don't, if there is no problem with the software, you can buy a product that will work with external USB.

  • Open TV settings
  • Switch to advanced settings
  • Open the wired/wireless section
  • Start the search from the Bluetooth section
  • Press the pairing button on the headset
  • You will be asked to confirm for pairing.
  • Those that are incompatible either do not have headphones, or they do, but they may keep turning and giving errors while pairing.

Additionally, we have added the difference between Airpods pro and the flat model below.

Is it possible to use Airpods on TV?
Is it possible to use Airpods on TV?
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