It Stuck on Samsung Text (Doesn't Turn On)

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The Samsung message stuck problem is an error that prevents the system from starting due to a problem in the operating system. Here, the problem that the Samsung message comes and goes but does not open occurs.

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From time to time, users may notice that their Samsung device gets stuck on the startup screen (Samsung logo) when they turn it on. Such problems can be quite annoying for users and prevent the device from functioning normally. In this article, we will examine the reasons that cause the Samsung message stuck issue.

Problem Remaining on Samsung Text

Our topic includes the steps to be taken to fix the Android error. We would like to inform you in advance that the steps you will follow in the solution section may cause data loss.

1. Software Problems on the Device

In many cases, the main reason why the Samsung logo remains on your screen may be software problems. When the device's operating system does not load properly at startup or there is an error in the system files, the device may experience a hang when starting up. This usually indicates that it is not a hardware problem and can be fixed with software fixes. Depends on the situationhard reset Throwing it away would be your best option.

2. Problems with Updates

When the firmware needs to be updated, an interruption or error may occur during the update. In this case, the device cannot complete the update process and the problem of being stuck on the splash screen occurs. It is essential that the update process is completed or errors that occur during the update are corrected. There is a possibility that you may encounter a process that goes as far as throwing rum.

3. App Incompatibility

In some cases, an application or software installed on the device may be stuck on the opening screen due to incompatibility with the operating system. If such problems are encountered after installing a new application, the problem is probably caused by the application and the problem can be solved by uninstalling the application.

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4. Memory Problems Occur

When there are problems with the device's memory, problems may occur during startup. Memory errors can prevent the device from starting properly. Memory tests or replacement of memory components may be required.

5. Not Enough Free Space

Insufficient storage space causes many problems in smart devices. The problem of the device not turning on is one of them. From time to time, we see users share information that there is enough space on their devices. However, the free space involved is not sufficient for the comfortable operation of the system or for the installed applications to run.

6. Hardware Issues

In rare cases, the device may hang during startup due to malfunctions in hardware components. These types of problems are usually more complex and should be resolved by an expert technician. The physical components of the device may need to be checked.

Problems such as the Samsung logo remaining on the screen can usually be caused by software or updates. When users encounter such a problem, they can first try turning on the device in safe mode or resetting to factory settings. However, if the problem persists, seeking professional help would be the best option. If the device's warranty is still valid, contacting the manufacturer or authorized service center will be the best way to resolve the issue. Another point to remember is the importance of making regular backups to prevent and minimize device problems.

It stays on Samsung text 2
It stays on Samsung text

How to Download Software to Samsung Device

From time to time, we may experience decreased performance on our devices due to software problems or updates. In such cases, installing software on your Samsung device can fix the problems. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Preparation Phase in Software

  1. Make a Backup:The first step is to backup all data on your device. Data loss may occur during software updates or reinstallations. So make sure your personal data is backed up.
  2. Battery Status:It is generally recommended that your device's battery level is at least 50% or more. However, we did this at lower charge indicators. Before we forget, running out of battery during the software installation process may damage your device.
  3. Internet connection:Make sure you're connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Since software files are often large in size, using Wi-Fi is recommended.

Step 2: Software File Selection

  1. Visit Official Website:Go to Samsung's official website and look for the latest software update or appropriate software file for your device. This file is often called “firmware”.
  2. Model and Serial Number:Verify your device's model and serial number. Installing the wrong software file may damage your device.

Step 3: Download and Install Odin or Samsung's Official Tool

  1. Download Odin Tool:A tool called Odin is often used to install software on Samsung devices. Download the Odin tool from a reliable source on the internet.
  2. Extract the Compressed File:Extract the file you downloaded. There should be an application called “Odin.exe” inside.
  3. Samsung Smart Switch: We also recommend you to take a look at Samsung's multi tool.

Step 4: Installing the Software on the Device

  1. Put the device into Recovery Mode:Turn off your device and then put it into recovery mode by pressing and holding “Volume Down + Power + Home” buttons.
  2. Run Odin:Run Odin on your computer. Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable. You should see that your device is recognized.
  3. Select Software File:Select the software file you downloaded previously by clicking the “AP” or “PDA” button.
  4. Start the Installation Process:Start the software installation process by clicking the “Start” button. The process may take a few minutes and your device will automatically reboot.

Step 5: After Software Installation

  1. Data Deletion:Note that once the software installation is complete, your device's data is reset. When you restart your device, you can restore the data you backed up.
  2. Initial Settings:When you restart your device, you will need to set the language, time zone, Wi-Fi network and other initial settings.
It stays on Samsung text 1
It stays on Samsung message and does not turn on

Not: The first support channel for devices with or without warranty is the device's own support unit. For this, take a look at the link we left below.

This is all we have to explain about the problem of the boot logo coming and going after the Samsung text stays on.

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