Learning computer opening and closing hours

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Masaüstü veya laptop bilgisayar açma kapanma saatlerini öğrenmek için ne yapılması gerektiğini anlatan haberimize ek olarak saatleri öğrenme programı denenebilir.

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There are a few methods for those who want to know at what times the computer was turned on and off at home or for those who want to see the opening and closing times of the computers at work. You can even find more methods by researching them.

It is possible to find out the on and off times of your computer. Because there are situations when it is necessary to know how many hours have been spent in front of the computer.

How to see computer opening and closing times

There are different ways to find out when your computer is turned on and off. The first of these is learning using the command system. If you want to use this method, first press the R key along with the "Windows" key on the keyboard. In this way "run” window opens and click on the empty line in the opened window.cmdcommand is written.

Then you will see the black screen that opens.net stats workstationAfter typing the command, press the Enter key. Additionally, the date written as the statistics start date on the screen that opens gives the date the computer was turned on. The second method is to find out the opening time by using the task manager. To do this, after opening the task manager window, click on the Performance tab. And in the run time section of the window that opens, you can find out how many hours and minutes the computer has been on. The last method is the event display method.

Learning computer opening and closing hours

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find out laptop opening timefind out laptop closing time

Learning computer on and off times

In this method, it is done with the help of the run window. In the window that opens, type the eventvwr command and the "Event" viewer page opens. Click on Windows Logs/System/Current Filter Applications options from the page that opens. In the window that opens, write 6005,6006 in the All event IDs section and click the "OK" button: The specified ID number 6005 gives the opening time of the computer, while the ID number 6006 gives the closing time of the computer. You can find out the startup and shutdown times of the computer by using any of these methods.

  • Let's start from start to run. We mentioned above how to enter
  • Type eventvwr in the Run section
  • In the place to open "Windows logs" under "SystemIn the ” section you can check the relevant dates with event ID 6005 and 6006.

Program to learn computer opening hoursLearning computer on and off times

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