Installing Windows from scratch with Lenovo ideapad recovery button

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How to enter OneKey recovery section on Lenovo laptop? We have previously shown the relevant options for entering USB and bios. In this article, we will show you how to install Windows 10 from scratch.

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In our article, which we tried to show with illustrated explanations on how to open recovery on a Lenovo ideapad computer, we will also explain how to install Windows from scratch on a Lenovo laptop. This process will be performed with whatever operating system version is available on the laptop. In order to install Windows 7 from scratch, you must not have upgraded to Windows 10. If passed, Windows 10 will be installed from scratch.

Lenovo ideapad Windows installation from scratch

Lenovo ideapad recovery button is made with a hole like the reset hole, just like in modems. The operation is carried out with the small hole next to the adapter port of the computer.

  • The laptop adapter will be plugged into the socket and connected to the computer.
  • If the computer is on, turn it off.
  • Press the hole on the side once with a pin and pull.
  • The computer will turn on automatically.
  • “Normal startup, bios setup, boot menu and recovery” options will appear on the screen.
  • From the relevant options, select "System recovery" and press enter.
  • Here there will be Windows 10 repair, recovery and some options. Let's continue with Recovery.
  • English options will come. Install with user backup and general option. Option in which the general system's own settings are valid. Continue with this.
  • Reinstallation may take 30-40 minutes.

Which is the Lenovo ideapad recovery button?

We wanted to show the Lenovo recovery button with a visual. We press and pull on the hole as shown in the relevant picture below. You don't have to press and hold it. The automatic recovery section will open.

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Installing Windows from scratch with Lenovo ideapad recovery buttonLenovo ideapad recovery partition

If the recovery screen does not appear or if the relevant options appear but it does not open, either the recovery software is damaged or the recovery backup has been deleted. So you may have deleted the recovery before.

Update Date: 02 January 2019, 21:20

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