How to change modem PPP internet password

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In order to change the modem PPP internet password, it is useful to first know what PPP means.

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Changing your modem internet password can sometimes seem like a complicated process. However, you can easily do this by following the right steps. In this article, we will explain with pictures the steps to change the password on a TP-Link brand modem. However, we would like to point out that the parts may be different in other brands. The most important point you should pay attention to during this process is that your PPP password and username are written correctly. Additionally, it is important that you do not confuse the modem interface login information with the wireless connection information.

First, you need to log in to the modem interface. You can access the modem interface by entering the modem IP address in the address bar of your browser. Example IP address:

After logging in to the modem interface, enter your username and password by clicking the "Login" button in the upper right corner. Example username: admin, password: admin

After logging into the modem interface, click on “Wireless” or “WiFi” in the left menu.

Then, you can reach the password change page by clicking “Wireless Security” or “WiFi Security”.

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On this page, enter your PPP password and username correctly. Then change your password by clicking the “Save” or “Save” button.

Kullanacağınız bilgilere ulaşmak için ilk abonelikte verilen evrakları kontrol edebilir veya hizmet aldığınız sağlayıcının çağrı merkezini arayabilirsiniz. Örneğin, [email protected] adresine e-posta göndererek bilgi talebinde bulunabilirsiniz.

If the modem offers automatic installation support, you can use your old information during the reset process. However, if it is not compatible, you can get support from the customer representative.

Remember, you can increase your security by changing your internet password regularly. By following the steps shown in this article correctly, you can easily change your internet password.

What does Modem PPP mean?

Modem PPP is a protocol used for a network connection. Modem PPP performs operations such as authentication, data encryption and data compression required for users to connect to a network.

Modem PPP is used by the Internet Service Provider. The ISP allows users to connect their modems to the network and manages the connection using the PPP protocol.

PPP protocol is one of the most common protocols used to connect to the Internet. PPP is interoperable with other protocols and is supported by many network devices.

Modem PPP is also used for portable devices such as mobile devices and tablets. These devices cannot connect directly to the ISP and access the Internet through mobile operators' networks. Therefore, PPP protocol is also used to connect mobile devices to the ISP.

Modem PPP encrypts and compresses data to ensure a secure connection. In this way, it ensures that users' data is protected from security risks such as theft or monitoring.

To summarize, modem PPP is an important protocol used for network connections. The PPP protocol provides a secure connection by performing operations such as authentication, data encryption and data compression required for network connections.

Steps on how to change the modem PPP internet password

  1. Log in to the interface.
  2. The password is turktelekom in this model
  3. Enter the “NETWORK” field in the side area and continue with the “WAN” field.
  4. Click "Edit" in the middle area where it says "Dsl_internet". (The one that says “Connected” in the status field)
  5. What is written in the ATM section will be as in the screenshot. (This is the same for all brands)
  6. Let us note that the connection type will always be PPPoE. Let's say that this option will not change.
  7. You can access the PPP password and user from the documents.

The order will be like this, but if a new installation is to be made, then the process will be done in the "Quick installation" section.

I cannot change the modem password problem

What you need to do regarding the problem of "I cannot change the modem password" is;

  • Unplug the device and leave it for a short time. When you insert it, check it and write it again if the information has not changed.
  • Let's try to see if changes can be made in other areas of the device. If there is no problem, there may be a mistake on your part. If not, then let's reset the modem.
  • There may be a problem with the browser you are using on your computer. It can be tested with an incognito tab or another browser.
  • Due to incorrect Windows date setting, the settings cannot be saved or the problem of logging out while logging in may occur.
  • Try to perform the transactions by connecting via phone.
  • Perhaps the problem will be solved with a software update on the product.

If you want to change the password you use to enter the modem, you can do so from the side tab "System tools" and management control. Of course, for other brands you will do the process from a different place.

How to change modem PPP internet password
How to change modem PPP internet password
Changing modem internet password
Changing modem PPP password

This is our topic on how to change the Modem PPP internet password.

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