The internet light on the modem is not on. What is the internet?

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If your modem internet light is not on and you do not want to do anything wrong by wondering what to do, this article is for you. What is the internet light on the modem, what does it do and we have the solution.

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There are various lights on the modem Each of these has a different importance. With each light, you have the opportunity to analyze the problem a little bit.

Internet light indicates whether you are currently receiving internet service. On some modems, this light blinks or stays on. If it flashes intermittently or quickly, it indicates current internet usage. This type of situation usually occurs when something is downloaded or installed from the internet.

In our article, we will talk about the reasons why this light goes off in internet problems. Internet light problems may differ depending on the DSL option. These two lights are important to us, that is, they complement each other. It wouldn't be right to consider the two separately.

If the internet light on your modem is not on, the only thing you can understand is that you do not have an internet connection at the moment. We will share with you the factors that cause this. We will also talk about what causes other connection problems.

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Warning: Before taking any action, try turning off the modem. If the modem is to be reset and tested, do not hold the reset button for too long. If you hold it, you may burn the modem. The recommendation is up to 15 or 20 seconds maximum.  

Internet light is not on solution

There may be a problem with the DSL connection. Check if this light is on. If this is not lit, please understand that the signal is not coming to the modem at the moment.

  • Was the modem turned off and waited for 1-2 minutes?
  • The modem may not be receiving DNS.
  • Check telephone line installation.
  • If there is a small box connected to the modem, unplug it and connect the line directly to the modem.
  • If you are using a phone, check if there is a dial tone.
  • Always connect the cable coming from outside, that is, from the wall or balcony door / window, directly to the modem.
  • Check if the cable works. If there are any joints, remove them and redo them. Our recommendation is to use seamless cables. This also affects speed.
  • Manual DNS can be written by entering the modem interface. You can access these steps by using DNS on some modems and DHCP on others. Recommended DNS's are Türk Telekom, Google, Turknet…
  • Call online customer service and have it checked.
  • It may be necessary to reset the modem and install the modem again.
  • If available, try with another modem.

If all the steps did not solve your problem, there is a possibility of an infrastructure-related error. There may also be a malfunction in the modem.  

The internet light on the modem is not on. What is the internet?

Internet light is not on solution

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