My Facebook account appears on Google, hide it from being seen

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What I share on Facebook appears on Google. There are people who say, "I want to hide my Facebook account so that it does not appear on Google." There may even be many complaints.

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Those who say they do not want their Facebook account to appear in Google searches may not benefit from the action they need to take. There are certain conditions for requests such as not to show my Facebook account on Google.

Google has decided to include shares that are not restricted in accordance with its agreements. It includes posts from major social networking sites in searches. The reason for this is the agreement these sites have with Google.

What you shared on Facebookyour comments /removal of posts from Google search engineto Google forapplicationYou can do. But it may request a valid reason and legal documents.

Your post that you usually delete from Facebook (Photos, videos and messages) It is not immediately deleted from Google. Since these shares are recorded in the Google cache, over timedeleted from Google. But for those who say there is an urgency, it is recommended to use the address below.

How to remove photos from Google?

  1. Sign in with your Gmail account.
  2. use the link.
  3. Stick with what's relevant to you.
  4. Continue with the appropriate ones in the justified fields.

This is also an area used by site owners. It covers a wide section and when deemed appropriate, the action will be seen on the screen. Let us say that arbitrary applications may result in negative results. Since you are responsible for the settings of the accounts you open, these restrictions must be made by you.

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It should be noted that when the account is hidden, searches will not disappear quickly. It will take some time.

Hiding Facebook account from Google

After logging in to your account, click on your Facebook profile picture on the top right. “SettingsEnter the ” section. "On the left"securityLog in and change your settings.

My Facebook account appears on Google, hide it from being seen
Hiding my Facebook account from Google

A field like the one below will open and we recommend that you restrict the sections there. Of course, there may also be obstacles to others' access, so choose your options carefully.

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My Facebook account appears on Google, hide it from being seen

Process and duration of removal from Google

There is no information stating that it will be removed in so many days or months. However, it is processed within a certain day and removed according to updates.

After using the support addresses of the search engines, confirm it will be removed automatically after a certain period of time. Of course, you will also be informed about making the necessary restrictions on your account. In some cases, a court order will work depending on your situation for quick action. The process can be initiated upon a petition submitted to the prosecutor's office. Don't worry, if it is processed, you won't have to wait long. Of course, justification is important. Anyone who wishes can submit their request by submitting the official document to the relevant network.

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