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When a message such as “No iPhone Service” or “Emergency Calls Only” appears on your phone, you may be unable to communicate or use mobile network services. This issue can affect the usability of your phone and can be quite annoying for users.

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No service is a problem that occurs when iPhone phones experience network problems. It usually occurs in phones brought abroad and in phones that frequently fall on the ground. In this article, we will examine the possible causes and solutions for the “No Service” error on iPhone.

Before proceeding, the priority will be to get support from authorized services for phones that are still under warranty. Before forgetting, to solve the problem of no service for an iPhone brought from abroad, first check whether the passport has been registered. It is normal for service errors to occur on devices without IMEI registration.

Situations Where You May Receive iPhone No Service Error

  1. Weather or Location: First, the cause of the “No Service” error on your phone may be weather or location related. Especially if you are inside buildings or in remote areas, you may not be able to connect to the service provider due to signal weakening or infrastructure problems. In this case, moving your phone to another location or moving to an area with better signal may fix the problem.
  2. Flight Mode: Having your phone in flight mode may cause the “iPhone No Service” error. Flight mode disables all wireless communication, which prevents your phone from connecting to the mobile network. You can try to fix this problem by turning off flight mode or manually enabling mobile data and Wi-Fi connections.
  3. SIM Card Problems: The “iPhone No Service” error may be caused by an issue with your SIM card. Make sure your SIM card is inserted correctly. If possible, you can try removing and reinserting the SIM card. You can also try it on another device or contact your carrier to check if your SIM card is damaged.
  4. Mobile Data Settings: If your phone's mobile data settings are not configured correctly, you may receive a “No Service” error. Go to “Cellular” or “Mobile Data” option from the settings menu and check the required settings. If the settings seem correct, you can try to solve the problem by turning the “Mobile Data” feature off and on again.
  5. Software Updates: If you are using an outdated software version on your device, you may encounter the “iPhone No Service” error. Software updates can help resolve the issue as they contain performance improvements and bug fixes. If there is an update available, you can download and install it by going to “General” -> “Software Update” from the Settings menu.
  6. Resetting Network Settings: Incorrect configuration of network settings on the phone can also cause the iPhone no service problem. From the Settings menu, go to “General” -> “Reset” and select “Reset Network Settings”. This process may require you to reconnect to Wi-Fi networks and VPN settings, so make sure this information is available when you need it.
  7. Resetting to Factory Settings: If the above steps cannot solve the problem, you can return your phone to factory settings as a last resort. However, this process will delete all your data, so it is important to make a backup beforehand. From the settings menu, go to “General” -> “Reset” and select “Erase…All Content”. Your phone will restart and you will need to do the initial setup.
  8. Contacting Service Provider: If the above methods fail to fix the problem, you may be in a situation where the problem may be with your service provider. Contact your carrier and report the problem. They can assist you further or even provide technical support if they detect an issue with your phone.

Chronic No Service Problem

If we are experiencing a chronic service problem on our phone and the workarounds do not work, we can try the following steps:

  1. Configuration Controls: Go to the Settings menu and tap the “General” tab. Then go to the “About” section and make sure the software is on the latest version. If there is an update, download and install it.
  2. Resetting Network Settings: Tap the “General” tab in the Settings menu, then select “Reset” and select “Reset Network Settings.” This will reset all network settings of the phone and may fix the problem.
  3. SIM Card Check: Make sure the SIM card is inserted correctly. Also, test whether the SIM card is working on another device or try to determine whether the problem is with the SIM card or the phone by inserting another SIM card into your phone. If the problem is with the SIM card, you can contact your operator and request a new SIM card.
  4. Factory Reset: From the Settings menu, go to “General”, then select “Reset” and select “Erase All Content and Settings”. This will delete all data and settings of the phone and return it to factory settings. However, it is important to back up your phone before this process.
  5. Contacting an Authorized Service: If you are still experiencing service problems after trying the steps above, your phone may need to be examined at an authorized Apple Service Center. Professional technical support can detect the existence of a hardware problem and make the necessary repairs.

To summarize, if you are experiencing chronic service issues, check for software updates, reset network settings, check the SIM card, perform a factory reset and contact an authorized service center if necessary.

How to Solve iPhone No Service Problem?

Çıkan hatanın net cevabı, deneme yanılma yöntemiyle anlaşılacaktır. Şöyle yapalım; telefonumuza başka bir sim kartı takıp denediğimizde sorun yaşanmıyorsa, kendi kartımızın üzerindeki temas alanını önce kuru bir bezle hafif bir şekilde silip deneyelim, sonra baktık olmuyorsa, ıslak mendilin uç kısmını kullanarak nazikçe sim kartı temizleyelim.

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Note: Devices that are dropped frequently experience network problems. Nowadays, new models seem to be more robust in this regard.

We explained the problem of the network not working in the following items and tried to answer it with many suggestions on what you should do.

There are a few general steps to be taken regarding software updates and checking iPhone settings. However, the situation may be temporary and you are not aware of it. Therefore, we recommend that you contact users of the same or different operators living in your area.

iPhone servis sorunu için yazılım güncellemesi yaparak olayın giderilmesi sağlanabilmektedir. Yazılım güncellemesi var mı anlamak için, operatör ayarlarında herhangi bir güncelleme olup olmadığına bakmak gerekmektedir. Eğer ki, iOS tarafında bir güncelleme varsa, güncellemenin yapılmasından sonra, ufak bir kaç ayarlama sonrasında bir ihtimal sorununuz ortadan kalmış olacak.

A Series of Steps to Follow for iPhone No Service

  • Sim card replacement may be required.
  • There is a possibility that the device's IMEI has been cloned.
  • Test by changing network settings.
  • Reset network settings. Settings / General / Transfer & Reset.
  • Try turning off cellular data in Settings.
  • Turn off Settings/operator option and select manual network.
  • Check with your operator. Reset the line from customer services or from the mobile application.
  • Maybe it's causing problems because the date is set incorrectly.
  • Güncelleme varsa yapın. Yoksa iTunes ile geri yükle veya sıfırdan kurulum yapın
  • Did you drop your phone? Or did he get hit? If the answer is yes, consider the possibility of hardware failure.
  • Did you turn your phone off and on after the service problem?
  • Check to see if there are network problems in your location.
  • There may be a malfunction or reading problem with your SIM card.
  • Have you tried a different sim card on the phone? Has the sim card been tried on a different device?
  • Have you tried the 2G / 3G and LTE (4.5G) options from the network steps?
  • Eğer yazılım güncellemeden sonra bu sorunla karşılaştıysanız, yazılımı yeniden iTunes programı kullanarak yükleyin.
  • Back up your phone and reset it to factory settings.

Another method will be to check the phone's settings. First, airplane mode will be turned on, wait 5 seconds and then turn it off, then make sure the do not disturb option is turned off. In your next attempts, you need to check whether there are blocked phone numbers and whether call forwarding is turned on.

Network Side Controls

Let's go to the area called Cellular and from there, let's change the option between Options / Voice and Data / LTE and 3G and test it. It is aimed at the voice quality that is VoLTE.

No International iPhone Service Problem 1
No iPhone service abroad problem
No International iPhone Service Problem 2
International iPhone no service error

When we look at the new versions, we see that there is no longer an option called 2G and an LTE option has been added instead. Before I forget, very old models still have such an option.

Don't forget, after following the above steps, turn off your phone, wait a while and then turn it on. On iPhone 11 pro, max and newer models, you will perform this process with the help of the side buttons, power on/off and volume keys.

Resetting Device Settings

For the operations here, first reset your network settings and then reset all settings depending on the situation.

You need to do this in the General / Transfer or Reset section.

No International iPhone Service Problem 3
iPhone no service error

No Service Türk Telekom Turkcell Vodafone Control

Getting help from the operator and removing the SIM card: You can get help from the operator for this problem. By contacting the operator, it is necessary to inquire whether there is an interruption related to the service, any blockages that may occur regarding the invoice, errors that may occur in the operator system, and whether the account arrangements have been made in a way that the iPhone can be used.

Removing and reinserting the SIM card in the iPhone is among the steps that can be taken to solve the problem. If the iPhone service is not available problem still persists despite all these steps, you will need to contact Apple support and follow the necessary application steps. It is recommended to contact the authorized service for hardware malfunctions.

If the IMEI is not registered on the devices coming from abroad or the registration period has passed, you will receive a service warning. Apart from this, imei cloning. You can contact BTK regarding this.

iPhone no service error can be a frustrating problem for iPhone users. You can solve the problem by following the solution suggestions above and contacting your service provider if necessary. The important thing is to follow the steps carefully and be patient to solve the problem.

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