How to use Note 7 NFC and Mobile payment?

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How to enable Note 7 NFC? How to enable Note 7 mobile payment? How to use Galaxy Note 7 mobile payment? How to use Note 7 NFC?

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Note 7 NFC ? Note 7 mobile payment ? Galaxy Note 7 mobile payment? How to use Note 7 NFC?  

How to enable NFC on Samsung's flagship Note 7? How to make Note 7 mobile payment ?
  The answers to your questions like these are in our article.

Galaxy Note 7 How to enable mobile payment and NFC?

Note 7 NFC enable

NFC, as it is known, is defined as a fast communication technology. It is also known as new generation wireless communication technology. It enables close-range communication between electronic devices. Of course, in order to do this, these devices must support NFC technology.

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If we give brief information about mobile payment

In order to perform transactions such as data exchange or mobile payment on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, your phone's mobile payment and NFC technology must be turned on. 

NFC technology, both devices must have NFC feature enabled. After activating NFC, you can transfer data by bringing your phones close to each other and touching them.

To enable NFC on Note 7, follow the steps below. 

First of all, we follow the steps Applications>Settings>Connections Then the NFC and payment later off option.

How to use Note 7 NFC

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