OK ru account deletion and closing from mobile

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For those who say how to delete OK.ru account from Android or iPhone and there is no account deletion link, the direct Okru account deactivation URL is in our article with illustrated explanation.

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OK.ru is one of the important websites in the field of video sharing. It is one of the most important hosting sites that we frequently encounter with live broadcasts and newly released movies. While browsing the site, it is possible to come across the latest movies in the cinema. We hope that the steps we have prepared with this news will be useful for those who want to delete their Ok.ru account.

The site serves from Russia. It is possible that you may encounter objectionable videos. An OK.ru account may be required to watch some videos in 480, 720p and 1080p.

OK ru, delete your accountYou may want to. You may not want to use it anymore because you are bored or encounter an uncomfortable situation. For this reason, most users do not know how to delete the account. The site, which does not feature a button such as closing an account directly, seems to be good in terms of support.

OK ru account deletion URL address

  • Thisok.ru/regulationsenter
  • Take a look at the contract and scroll down.
  • Then "Power profilesContinue with ”
  • Start the process by confirming in the section that appears.

It happened that this step did not provide you with a solution and you returned to the beginning with an error. Then let's move on to our second method…

OK ru account deletion and closing from mobile

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OK.ru account closure problem

There is a second method for those who encounter the account closing error. This will be just for you.

  • Customer support team contactUse the " part
  • In the second application option, you need to select the problem. “Restoring or deleting a profile” will be selected
  • Subject of the request "Delete profileselect as ”

The request will be sent and you will be contacted by e-mail. Or it will appear as a notification in your account. You will see that your account will be closed immediately. www.andronova.net

OK ru account closureOK.ru account deletion address

OK.ru account closureAfter processing withdelete accountmay expire. The same form can be preferred to reactivate the account. For other communications, see our OK.ru contact article.

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