Oppo F5 officially introduced

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Oppo F5 phone model was officially introduced by the company. With the promotional event, a lot of information about the phone was obtained. Here are the details…

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There are many brands serving in the smartphone industry. One of these brands is Oppo. Oppo is a phone brand that was founded in China and spread all over the world. The phone models he produces are used with great admiration by users in China. Oppo, which has started to gain a place for itself in the world, manages to come to the fore with the phone models it releases. One of those phone models is the Oppo F5 model.  

Oppo F5 features

Oppo F5 officially introduced

The Oppo F5 model is a phone model that has managed to attract the attention of users with its beautiful design and frameless screen feature. Oppo F5 model was officially introduced by the company. Let's look at the features of this new design wonder phone together.

First, let's start with the technical features, as we do with all phone models. The latest Oppo phone model is preparing to be released in a 6-inch screen size with FHD + 2160 X1080 pixel resolution. In the Oppo F5 model, the company the MediaTek MT6763T processor. The most important feature of this processor is that it offers high performance with its eight-core structure. Oppo F5 model will be produced in two different versions. The black and gold colored one will be produced as 4 GB, while the red colored one will be produced as 6 GB. This phone model, which draws attention with its high RAM, continues to gain users' admiration.

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When we look at the storage capacity, it is 32 GB in black and gold colors, while it increases to 64 GB in the red version. Of course, in Android phones, this space is not limited to internal memory. You can increase the memory as much as you want with a microSD card The company also placed the fingerprint reader on the back of the device. We also see that the phone uses a 3200 mAh battery.

While the rear camera of the Oppo F5 model uses 16 MP, the front camera uses a 20 MP camera. These numbers are not written incorrectly. Normally, the rear camera should be better than the front one, but in the Oppo F5 it is the opposite. The company seems to have increased the pixel quality of its front camera in order to take better selfies. The company also claims that you will take your best photogenic selfie with the artificial intelligence used by its phone. This situation is announced to users who take selfies in our country.

Oppo F5 model will start pre-sale in the Philippines on October 27. When we look at the price range, it will be sold for a price of 310 dollars.

Update Date: October 27, 2017, 19:25

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