Image distortion and mosaicing in channels on television

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We have previously preparedno signalWe mentioned similar possible reasons in our content. In this content, we will look at the factors that cause image distortion on television channels.

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When you open the channels on the satellite TV, the message "Signal is weak or absent" is among the warnings you frequently encounter. The issue here is somewhat related to this. We will talk about many possible reasons in our news. We do not know if there is a mosaic problem on television among the articles we have prepared before. However, we think we had published a content called Tivibu mosaicing.

Causes of image distortion in channels on television

It is possible that the things we will explain may vary when using internal or external satellite receivers. We see that old TVs that are built-in generally do not work very well. When switching channels, there is a decrease in signal quality and image clarity. However, this is not the case in new models compared to the old ones.

Let's take a look at other possible causes:

  • The quality of the satellite cable used is low.
  • Signal loss due to excessive length of the cable.
  • Additional cable uses.
  • LNB direction is not correct.
  • Failure to mount the satellite dish on a solid ground.
  • Variable situations depending on weather conditions.
  • The device quality is different.
  • Using incompatible devices.
  • Reasons related to the service purchased.
  • Speed ​​problems and port problems are experienced by those who watch using the internet. Plus the efficiency problem at certain hours caused by intensive use.

We have a list that goes like this.

Mosaicing problem on TV

This title includes the possible reasons above. We encountered it mostly in the services received. This is experienced in IP TV service, private broadcasts and internet services.

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We will share with you the steps taken by the place where both technical support and internet service were previously received.

  • Increasing or decreasing internet speed. Among the reasons for the downgrade, such an action is taken because the infrastructure does not support the relevant speed. This can sometimes be related to work or home lines.
  • Changing the port. This step is being tried in both games and TV broadcasts. To do this, it will be enough to contact the place where you get the internet service.
  • If there is a device you are using, try changing it. The situation will be clarified with a device you can borrow.
  • Unplug any plugs that have been in the socket for a long time and plug them back in. Modem, TV, external satellite device, etc.
  • Update systems where updates are available.
  • Free space needs to be checked. Even if there seems to be room, it will be insufficient.
  • There will be signal losses where there are additional cables. If possible, go with a single cable. Plus use the closest distance.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the cables and connectors you use. Of course, this also applies to external satellite receivers.
View on TV channels
Picture distortion on TV channels

Problems on some channels

This is generally the case in signal-related situations. Due to the decrease in signal quality, tingling or mosaicing errors may occur in broadcasts. Of course, we mentioned many possible reasons above.

Those who cannot find a way no matter what, need to reset their devices to factory settings. At least one more step will be taken to understand the situation.

In order to examine the problems experienced on the signal side, let's check the recommendation article in the first paragraph of the article and the information in the heading below.

Necessary checks in case of signal problems

There are differences in the areas where this error message appears. Solution suggestions vary depending on the examination of external devices.

The received message usually appears on satellite receivers as there is no signal on the satellite. If this warning appears on all channels, the first test of the problem is provided by checking the cables. Then the satellite dish is examined. Then LNB and satellite settings.

If available, try another satellite receiver. You can borrow it from your neighbor. If you have your own satellite receiver, that is, an external satellite receiver, try it on another satellite dish. Otherwise, try with a satellite receiver from another location. It might be your neighbor's. Check the cables. Start automatic channel search. Select it as Türksat 4A.

In our topic, we tried to answer both the visual impairment and the problem of mosaicing in television channels. The problem of mosaicing on television is mainly experienced due to reasons related to the service, internet and device used.

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