Reels drafts were deleted by themselves, how to get them back?

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Instagram Reels drafts were deleted by themselves, and we are publishing our article containing important information for those who want to get help on how to get back deleted drafts.

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My Reels drafts were deleted by themselves, it is among the most searched phrases lately. Many Instagram users say, especially lately, my reels drafts have disappeared. So what can we do if we encounter such a problem? Especially after Reels videos started to become widespread in the Instagram application, it is frustrating to lose your short videos, which are frequently shot by Instagram influencers and watched with pleasure by Instagram users. I think it will reassure you to know that there is a solution to the problem.

When we read the complaints written by some people, we may encounter interesting situations. But we are not sure if what is written is true. Maybe it wasn't deleted, maybe something the user did caused it to be deleted. We recommend you take a look at the examples below.

  1. I changed my passwordMy Reels drafts were deleted.
    • We think something like this should not happen. We think there's something different going on. We'll add some reasons below.
  2. After changing the account type, such a situation may occur again.
    • There is an option to change it in the settings and you may have done it for testing purposes. You may have continued with the business edition or one of the others.
  3. This possibility may arise in frozen accounts.
    • Partially, the complaints that some posts do not appear or some do not appear were received in a timely manner. It would come back on its own over time. This can occur within Reels.
  4. There is a possibility that it may be related to the version of the application used.
    • Try it with the previous few.
    • It can be tried with a different phone.
  5. There may be disruptions in system-related situations.
    1. Others may be experiencing what you are experiencing today. Investigate and if so, it will be resolved within the day.
    2. There are not many people alive and if you haven't come across them, we recommend that you wait today before doing anything.
  6. You may be restricted because of something you have done excessively.
    • Even negative or positive can lead to such things. For example, too many comments and follows in a row.
  7. Maybe something like this could happen if he was punished. Partial restrictions on some features may be included in this section.
    • This is possible and can be tried by changing and adding something in the profile settings for testing.

In fact, your reels drafts cannot be deleted on their own. They remain drafts. However, sometimes we may delete our post even though we think we saved it as a draft. In such a case, unfortunately, it is not possible to get your shipment back. If you don't want to share a photo, reels video or IGTV video after editing it, you need to press one of the delete or save as draft sections. If you say delete, you will delete the photo, reels video or IGTV video and you cannot get it back, but if you save it as a draft, you can open it again, edit and share it whenever you want.

If you think it has been deleted, it is possible to recycle it by opening the recently deleted tab, which is a newly developed section of Instagram. When you enter the recently deleted tab in the Settings section, you can find all your data that you have deleted in the past 30 days in this section and have it uploaded again. Just answering some small questions asked about your account will be enough to ensure that it is reloaded. You no longer have to worry about my reels drafts being deleted.

Since it may not have been deleted, sometimes the problem is resolved automatically after a day has passed since the beginning.

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  1. Wait without dealing with anything.
    • Please wait in case there is a problem caused by the system or you.
    • It may happen if you have exhibited suspicious behavior.
  2. The result of things taken to extremes can be obstacles.
    • Maybe the problem will persist for a day or a week.
  3. It may occur after a released phone or application update.
    • Install and test a few previous versions of the application.
    • You may need to look with another device.
    • There is something for Android users to do. All you have to do is enter the applications area, tap on "Instagram" and then tap on the options that appear when you enter.
  4. It is possible that it is related to the internet and devices used.
    • A situation called ban may have occurred. Let's try with other connections.
    • If your phone has space issues, make some space. If the date part is wrong, correct it and try again.
  5. Change your account type. While this sometimes causes this, sometimes it can provide a solution.
    • The image below has been added as an example.
  6. Report the problem to the developer.
    • There is a notification area in the application's settings. There is also the option of adding screenshots.

Reels drafts were deleted by themselves, how to get them back?

A little explanation about reels

These are videos ranging from 15 to 30 seconds that the Instagram application has recently offered to its users. These videos can be shot in any area. Although the content varies depending on the person or people who shot the reels video, the ones that meet more users on the explore screens are generally reels videos that serve a trend.

People can take part in the discover section of reels videos, just like IGTV videos. In order for Reels videos to be included in the Explore section, the sharing account's posts must first be public. You can reach other users in the explore section by saying publish the reels video you shot in the explore section.

Those who want to get help can follow the necessary steps by entering the area indicated in the picture below. Proceed with the correct option.

My Reels drafts were deleted

Update Date: 01 August 2021, 15:31

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