Samsung Galaxy S7 Sales Date Announced!

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Days before the launch of Samsung's new flagship, which millions have eagerly awaited, on February 21, the Galaxy S7 sales date has been announced.

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Galaxy S7 Features Revealed in AnTuTu Test , which we shared with you recently , the main concern for users now is " When is the Galaxy S7 sales date?" The answer to the question "is clear.

Two different S7 models will be introduced, the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, which will be announced at the Samsung the MWC 2016 (Mobile World Congress) to be held in Barcelona next month the Galaxy S6 in appearance , the S7 series will be more advanced models in terms of hardware and will bring many surprises for users.

The Galaxy S7 which will be Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890 in two different versions , seems to be the most popular smartphone model of next year with its camera, eye scanning sensor and other hardware features. This being the case, users can't wait to have the new flagship as soon as possible. So when will the Galaxy S7 go on sale? Here is the answer.

Galaxy S7 Sales Date

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@evleaks Twitter account, which is famous for leaking information about phones Galaxy S7 model will be available for sale in the USA as of March 11

galaxy s7 sales date

In addition, the Galaxy S7 Turkey sales date , we received information that Samsung acted quickly and chose a date closer to the US sales date.

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