Samsung Galaxy Tab A hard reset is not possible

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One of the methods used to break the pattern lock on a Samsun tablet or to speed it up because it is running slowly is the hard reset method. However, sometimes there are users who face the problem that hard reset is not possible.

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SamsungIt seems like there are not many people who don't know what kind of brand . It both produces quality products and has a feature that reaches every user with its various models. Galaxy Tab A in our articlehard resetWe will share with you the illustrated how-to explanation. Also, hard reset is not possible, we will look at the reason and solution. Of course, we will also have important warnings and tips.

Hard reset continues to be a method used to unlock the often forgotten pattern lock. Apart from this, it is one of the first choices for software problems and speeding up slow running devices. There are important points to consider when performing this process.

We tried the process on the SM T550 model. On some tabletspower buttonSome of them are located on the side above. This is a variable situation for tablets that are horizontal or vertical.

Samsung hard reset not working problem

Hard reset is the process of resetting the software and settings of a device and is generally used to solve problems experienced on the device. However, sometimes a hard reset may not be possible. In this article, we will examine the causes and solutions to the hard reset problem.


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  1. Software error: A software error on your device may prevent the hard reset process. The software error may not be a hardware problem, but it may affect the normal functioning of your device.
  2. Low battery level: Your device must have sufficient battery level to perform a hard reset. If your device's battery level is low, the hard reset process may not be completed.
  3. Hardware problems: If there is a hardware problem on your device, the hard reset process may not be completed. Such problems may prevent your device's operating system from fully loading.


  1. Charge your device's battery: We stated that your device must have a sufficient battery level to perform a hard reset. If your device's battery level is low, the hard reset process may not be completed. Therefore, it is recommended that you fully charge your device's battery and then try a hard reset.
  2. Update your device's software: A software error on your device may prevent a hard reset. To resolve the software error, it is recommended to update your device's software. You can fix the problem by installing the latest software update released by your device's manufacturer.
  3. Hard reset alternatives: Depending on the brand and model of your device, you can use different methods to perform a hard reset. These methods may vary depending on your device's hardware. To perform a hard reset, it is recommended that you consult your device's user manual or the manufacturer's website.
  4. Repair hardware problems: If your device has a hardware problem, performing a hard reset may not work. In this case, you may need to take your device to a technician to fix hardware problems.

Galaxy Tab A hard reset olmuyor

We have listed the items you should pay attention to in this process and have tried them ourselves.

  • In the process you will delete everything on the tablet
  • If the process does not occur, insufficient initial charge should come to mind.
  • If it stays at the Android logo and does not turn on during the reset, try plugging it into the charger.
  • Android logo on hard reset! or if the invalid operation appears as a directory, press and release all the keys one by one.
  • If it still doesn't work, turn off the device and try a few more times.
  • Our last suggestion would be to flash a ROM.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A hard reset is not possible
Samsung Galaxy Tab A hard reset is not possible

Possible problems in operating systems

In addition to the warning texts that can appear on any device, there are also icons. The exclamation mark that appears on the most well-known robot icon. After this sign appears, you either need to repeat the same process a few times or you need to download software.

! When the sign appears, the possible reasons and the actions you can take are as follows:

  • If it gives a warning when you try to reset, turn off your tablet and press the buttons again.
  • If the charge level is very low, then plug it into the charger and try it when it is half full. For those who do not want to wait, we recommend that they perform the operation while it is plugged into the charger.
  • There may be times when you encounter something like this when the device is infected with a virus. If the device is connected to the computer, clean it with it.
  • When you need to flash a ROM, try it with its official program.

Physical and hardware malfunctions

One of the problems we encounter sometimes, although not often, in our lives is that one of the volume and other buttons of the devices does not work or has a contact problem. Another factor is hardware failures due to falls. In cases where the button is not detected, you should check the transparent plastic under the button. Depending on the situation, the card should be pressed with something metal that will make contact.

How to hard reset Galaxy Tab A?

  1. Turn off the tablet and make sure it has sufficient charge,
  2. First, press and hold the volume up button, then the middle button at the bottom next to the menu, and finally the power button (the button that turns on the device).
  3. If the Android and Samsung logo appears on the screen, first release the power button,
  4. If you see a message such as Android update software, take your hands off the other buttons,
  5. If you see the words "wipe data factory reset", highlight it with the volume keys and click the "power" button once.
  6. If the process has been completed, go to "reboot system now" and perform the operation again by pressing the power button.

The tablet will automatically restart and this will take 3-4 minutes. Then the first installation screen will appear. Opening with language option, region, keyboard, connecting to wifi network, username and Google Play account. You can skip most of these.

Our article explains the above steps in detail.What is hard reset?We recommend you to review the article.

Note: These operations are valid for t290, t720, t510, t860, p580, t820, t560, t590, t587, Active and other Samsung tablets.

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