How to Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote Control

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You will find the steps to turn on your Samsung TV without a remote control in our article below.

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Before performing the operations, it may be sufficient to install a remote control application on your phone for temporary control. This is the best solution, especially in the evening hours.

Using the Control Button on Samsung TV

Every Samsung TV has a physical button that allows you to turn on the TV, access settings, change volume and channels, and enter the Smart Hub. The location or design of this button may vary on different Samsung TV models.

Finding the Control Button:

The button can be in three different positions:

1. Behind the TV:

  • Check the lower right area of ​​the television.
  • You should see a small, square-style section with a control bar inside.
  • Press and hold the button in the middle and turn on the TV.
  • Press the middle button again to bring up the Settings option.
  • Change channels and navigate menus via the control stick.

2. Under the front panel, in the center of the TV:

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  • In some models, this button is located at the bottom of the screen and in the middle of the front frame.
  • Turn on the TV by long pressing the power button.
  • Control the TV using the channel and volume button.

3. Under the front panel, next to the TV:

  • The control button is usually in the middle of the front panel, but if not, the positions on the left or right side should be examined.
  • Check these locations and then turn on and check the TV as described above.


  • There is a red light on the front frame of the TV. The control button should be near this light.
  • If you cannot find the control panel, take a look at the TV's user manual.

Additional Information:

  • On some models, it can be used to turn the volume on or off instead of adjusting the volume with the control knob.
  • Control button functions may vary depending on your TV model. For this, it will be useful to look at the user manual.

Control Your Samsung TV with SmartThings App

SmartThings adlı uygulamayı kullanarak hem Android hem iPhone cihazlarla televizyonu yönetebilirsiniz. Bu uygulamalar sayesinde televizyonları açabilir, kanal değiştirebilir ve ses kontrolünü yapabilirsiniz.

Attention:To turn on the TV with the SmartThings application, you must have the application installed beforehand. If you haven't installed it, you can turn on the TV using the control button and try to install the application this way.

Installation steps:

  1. Search for and install the app called SmartThings
  2. +There will be a symbol with , press it and tap Add device.
  3. Under Device, tap Add and TV.
  4. Select Start and then select the location.
  5. Tap Next and wait for the connection to be made.
  6. Make sure your TV is connected to the home WiFi network.

Not:If the device was manufactured before 2020, you need to use a PIN code to verify the connection.

Turning on Samsung TV without remote control 1
Turn on Samsung TV without remote control

Control Many Things with One Remote Control

  • Control your other smart home devices:It provides control of your lights, thermostats, locks and other smart home devices other than television.
  • Program remote controls:You can program your existing remote controls according to the SmartThings application and use them via the application.
  • Create routines:You can create routines to automatically turn different devices on and off or use them for specific actions.

Advantages of using the SmartThings app:

  • Ease:Since we always have the phone with us, there is no need to worry about losing or not being able to find your remote control.
  • Simplicity:Using a single app to control multiple devices is easier than using a separate app for each device.
  • Flexibility:This app offers many different ways to control the device and automate the home.

To start using the SmartThings app:

  1. Download SmartThings from its official website or app store:
  2. Hesap oluştur veya Samsung hesabınızı kullanarak giriş yapın.
  3. Add home WiFi network and password.
  4. Add the devices you intend to control.

Problem Turning On Samsung TV Without Remote Control

İndirdiğiniz uygulama ile cihazınızın işletim sisteminde uyum sorunu varsa ya hiç görmez ya da bazı seçenekler kısıtlı çalışır. Burada denemek adına farklı bir telefon veya tablet kullanılarak sorunu anlamamız gerekiyor. Sonrasında belki alternatif bir uygulama kullanarak sorunu aşacaksınız.

Note: There may be compatibility problems with applications previously installed on your device or restricting the access permissions of an installed application for protection. To do this, make sure that you grant access permission both in the device settings and if there is a protection application you have installed.

Samsung TV uzaktan kumanda olmadan nasıl açılır adlı içeriğimiz buraya kadar.

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