Installing Software for a Different Model of Smart TV

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We will have an important answer for those who wonder whether the software of a different Smart TV model can be installed on a Philips / Samsung Television and what happens if I install it, will the TV turn on?

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When you install the software of another model on another television, the television often does not turn on or remains on a black screen. There have been people who encountered these problems in the past due to installing the wrong software. The solution was to reinstall the correct software. Of course, it may not be installed by normal means.

There is a possibility that it will also work on similar model TVs. Sometimes a new model can be created by improving a model.  

For example, this problem was experienced on LG TV in the past years. It was witnessed that the television did not turn on due to the wrong firmware file. As for the solution, the correct software file was transferred to the computer, written from scratch using a program called teraterm via an RS 232 cable, and the problem was resolved.  

Steps to Install Software for a Different Model of Smart TV

  • unplug the TV
  • Plug one end of the cable into the TV and the other into the computer.
  • Run whatever the TV's software is.
  • The port will be selected in the software (such as COM 1)
  • B rate 115200
  • Bit 8 parity
  • None stop 1bit 
  • F control none
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The TV will be turned on and the instructions will be followed. You can access all these processes and the relevant software file from the brand website. You can search for those you cannot reach on Google and call the brand's customer services.

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The pictures below belong to Philips Smart TV and its installation is transferred to flask and updated from the TV settings. If it is already an up-to-date version, it may not allow installation.

Installing software for a different model of Smart TV
Installing software for a different model of Smart TV
Installing software for another model of Smart TV
Installing different TV software on Smart TV

Guide to Installing a Different Model's Software on Your Smart TV

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the software available on your smart TV or need new features, you may consider installing software from a different model. However, this process requires attention and technical knowledge. This article will tell you the steps to install the software of a different model on your smart TV.

Note: This process carries the risk of losing the warranty and may cause permanent damage to your device. Please read carefully and do so only at your own risk.

Part 1: Preparations

  1. Download Software: First, you will need to find compatible software for a new model of your smart TV. This software is usually available on the manufacturer's official website.
  2. USB Memory: You will need a USB memory to install the software on your smart TV. Make sure this USB memory is empty and large enough.
  3. Backup: It is important to back up your current software and settings. After installing the new software, you can return to your old settings using this backup.
  4. Internet Connection: You must have a fast and stable internet connection to download the updated software.

Part 2: Software Installation Process

  1. Preparing the USB Memory: Format the USB memory to contain the new software file. This step will make it easier when inserting the USB memory into your smart TV.
  2. Downloading New Software: Download the new software file from the manufacturer's website and save it on a USB memory stick.
  3. Preparing the Smart TV: Find the software update section in the settings menu of your smart TV. In this section there should be an option “Update from USB” or similar. Select this option.
  4. Inserting the USB Memory: Insert the USB memory you prepared into your smart TV.
  5. Installing Software: The Smart TV will detect the new software on the USB memory. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the installation process.
  6. Installation Process: The installation process may take a few minutes. Once the process is complete, your smart TV will automatically reboot.

Part 3: Final Checks and Settings

  1. Restore Backup: You can use backup to get back to your old settings and data.
  2. Editing Settings: Review the new software and adjust any settings you want. This is especially important when you use the software of a new model.
  3. Evaluating Performance: Evaluate your smart TV's performance and functionality. Observe how the new software affects your device.
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