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When I log into my account, a warning appears on the screen saying "You did not agree with the Facebook decision" and my account is closed. Before answering the questions of what this means, it is necessary to analyze what negative things you may have done recently.

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When we look at the details written by Facebook, let us say that the following information is included in the rest of the content. It usually takes a little over a day for us to review the information contained in the statement. Check here again. People on Facebook cannot see your account and you cannot use your account. We will talk about what actions those who face such a problem should take to solve it.

Those who receive the "You did not agree with the decision" error receive the following explanation:

  • “We will review your account again. If we find that your account meets our community standards, you can use Facebook again. If we determine that you do not comply, your account will be permanently closed and you will not be able to choose not to participate in this decision again.

What Does It Mean If You Did Not Agree With The Facebook Decision?

It is the information text of the objection made by users sanctioned by Facebook. This sometimes appears with the penalty imposed and provides an option to use in appeal. With this option, you receive such information when you submit your objection. This is the same for negative returns. Facebook writes that you did not agree with the decision and follows up with a rejection notification.

Examples of You Disagreeing with the Decision on Facebook

Facebook offers many innovations to its users and may impose restrictions on liking, sharing and commenting on content from time to time. However, this may not happen when liking every post or participating in every discussion. Although Facebook's statement that you did not agree with the decision may be perceived as meaning that the user's opinion on a particular issue, post or discussion is not supported, the actual problem that arises is the objection made by the processed account.

Why does the "You Didn't Include Facebook in the Decision" Situation Occur?

  1. Different opinions:Social media brings together users' different lifestyles, beliefs and world views. Users may have different opinions, which may be the result of their complaints.
  2. Lack of Information:Factors that occur because users do not know enough about a particular topic or do not know the network's community rules.
  3. Private Communication Preference:Some users may avoid sharing private topics or personal thoughts. In this case, it is also possible that a forced option could lead to something like disagreeing with the decision.

You Did Not Agree with the Decision Facebook Login Problem

We can say that the content we have prepared is not a warning that you will encounter very often. We see new ones coming out and we see that people who don't know what to do are asking for help on complaint pages. In our topic, we will first talk about the possible reasons for the problem and then we will talk about how to solve it.

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The accounts of those who display behavior that does not comply with community rules may be permanently or temporarily banned. Some of them were closed months ago and there are people who say that they came across the one written in the new title. We do not know whether the application was made a long time ago or not, but a suggestion can be made to object upon return.

Why does a "You Didn't Participate" warning appear?

  • Sanctions imposed on accounts that do not comply with the rules.
  • Persons deemed suspicious may be prevented from entering.
  • If the posts made disturb a certain community, a quick sanction decision may be taken.
  • As a result of the detection of fake accounts, a process leading to verification may occur.
  • Penalties imposed due to the repetition of wrong things that are constantly tried.

There may be changes in the list, but you can see that it follows many rules in its logic. Situations ranging from copyright to personal rights may be encountered.

How to Resolve If You Did Not Agree with the Facebook Decision?

The answer to most questions about how to solve it is always the same. Use the objection option and let's say that there is a link used to open the closed account.Facebook contactLet us point out that you will find this link in our content.

If you are presented with a description screen when you request a review, we recommend that it be filled out. If you see that there is no response for a long time, then if the same place appears again, send it again.

In cases where you are eligible, we recommend using the application options on our relevant page above.

Another possible problem is that sometimes situations occur that are not caused by malfunctions in the system. For example, the message that the account was blocked for no reason, which happened to many network users this year. It was understood that this situation, which continued throughout the day and then resolved itself the next day, was caused by the system.

Facebook did not participate in the decision 1
Solution for the problem of Facebook not agreeing with the decision

Examining Problems Occurring in the Application or System

This situation you are experiencing is sometimes regional and sometimes related to the application itself. Some users may say that it happens to me, but my friend does not have any problems. This varies depending on the relevant region or application version.

We recommend using a VPN to find out if you have a problem in general or in your region.

Internet and Device Replacement

From time to time, situations occur when the network's security service gets stuck. If the user exhibits behavior that will cause something suspicious, a restriction is applied to the device and the IP of the internet that was tried for a while due to the repetition of this behavior 3-4 times. Users who continue this will be blocked from temporary account access or partial use.

For any restrictions, first log in with an internet and device that has not used Facebook during the day.

Things to Try in Practical Problems

We would like to talk about the glitches on the application side that are not seen very often but occur in some cases. We will add the ones that come to our mind below.

  • Application updates or device software problems.
  • Installed items cause problems or are considered harmful.
  • Problems related to auxiliary services.

One of the things to do is to test it with previous Facebook versions, and the other is to enter the "Applications" section, tap on Facebook and run the contents. Of course, it is recommended that you test each option and move on to the next one.

Facebook did not participate in the decision 2
You did not agree with the decision Facebook error

Suggestions to Try on the Account Side

If you still see the same warning after a few days, we recommend trying it from another device and computer. If it is possible to log in to certain areas with a browser, we recommend that you turn on unused options for logging in from that area. The example is two-stage and if there is an e-mail that is not attached, it is added and verified.

A support request may be created for accounts that prove someone has used your account without your consent or has stolen it and done something against the rules.

We think that systemic problems will be eliminated in accounts that will be changed to businesses. The important thing here is that even if it is limited, if permission to access the settings can be given, this process may be useful. Or reset your account password from the browser as if you forgot it. This will allow removing an entry barrier for these accounts.

Finally, those who do not know how to solve the problem can send a support request to the developer after following this method. You will reach the necessary addresses in our contact link above.

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