Some channels on satellite TV are not receiving

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Aren't some channels not receiving on the satellite? If it says there is no signal on some of the channels, you need to check the dish, LNB and cable.

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From time to time, the problem of channels not working due to weather conditions arises. This problem, which many users experience in the winter months, sometimes also occurs in the summer months.

In the content of the news, while explaining the problem of some satellite channels not being received, we will also talk about what actions should be taken.

Aren't some channels not receiving on the satellite?

Below we will list the factors that cause the problem of channels not receiving on the television. When you look at the rest of the article, we will talk about what steps you should take.

We will create subheadings under this heading. Some of these will include seasonal situations. There will be steps you will try to understand clearly. In short, it will contain trial-based solution suggestions.

Users who are in winter should check their satellite dish. Of course, in normal times, there are times when control is required depending on the wind factor. Generally, if there are splices in the cables, the dish and LNB input ends need to be checked.

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Problems that occur in rainy weather and winter months

There is a lot of movement in the movement of the satellite dish that most people do not notice. If Milim plays, there will be problems on many channels. We encounter this situation more often in snowy and extremely windy weather. Especially if the place where the satellite dish is positioned is very exposed, we will definitely have problems.

The factors you will likely encounter will be as follows:

  • The area where the antenna is mounted must be absolutely solid. It should not be installed in an area that will cause movement. Plastic and moving areas should also be avoided.
  • Located in a very open area, the bowl's struggle with snow continues every year. Exposing the LNB to snow or filling the dish with snow prevents broadcasting.
  • Liquid contact occurs frequently in rain and snow. Especially the additional cable ends get water frequently. It is possible that the LNB is also affected.
  • The cable input or LNB input of the satellite receiver / television needs to be checked. There is a possibility of a contact problem or short circuit problem.
  • Tampering with channel settings. Or experiencing a reset situation.
Some channels are not showing on satellite
Some channels on satellite TV are not receiving

General steps for some channels not being received on television

After checking the above, the relevant order will be as follows. Alternative experiments should be used to understand the exact problem.

Satellite settings need to be examined. If there is no problem with the settings, then test the LNB and cable. If there is an attachment, it is recommended to cancel it. It will be better to receive broadcasts over a single cable. Plus check the cleanliness of the dish and the orientation of the LNB. If it is rotated, you may experience signal weakness on some channels.

Get a satellite receiver for testing from your neighbor or a relative and test the dish and cable. We also recommend that external device users try their devices on another satellite dish.

Checking cables

Check your cable: Spliced ​​or broken cables cause drops in signal levels. In old cables, softening is observed in the summer months and cracking in the winter months. This is related to the cable being too old or of poor quality.

Connector control

Check the connectors at the dish and satellite receiver input. See if it fits properly and if there is any bass problem.

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Some channels on TV are not receiving

Being in control of the dish

The area where the dish is placed is very important. It provides a healthier broadcast if it is durable and if possible located in an area with low wind. If there is movement in the dish, the signal level of some channels will decrease. If there is no signal finding device, adjustments are made manually by two people.

Some channels are not receiving on the satellite. LNB setting

We think most users don't know anything about this setting. The LBN direction causes the signal to rise or fall. However, there is a certain degree of impact on these rises or falls. The direction of the LNB is generally positioned with the cable facing downwards. So the connector faces downwards.

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Some channels are not available on TV

Resetting the satellite

Sometimes a factory reset makes the most sense. It is preferred for products whose settings have been tampered with or that cause malfunctions in the software.

Automatic channel installation is very easy on devices with TKGS feature. Searching is done quickly as channels are prepared instantly.

Ask for help from the service

The best help is to first take steps that will help you understand what the problem is about. Those who cannot get help from their neighbors should test their device at a satellite service or dealer's workplace.

It will be easier to have any operations performed on the software or device settings performed by the relevant service.

Some channels are not being received on the satellite, we will definitely try and find a solution. Just don't bother with unnecessary things.

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