Sorry, this media file does not exist on your internal memory

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When I open the photos, videos and statuses sent to my phone, the error message "We're sorry, this media file does not exist in your internal memory and could not be found" appears on the screen. Many here are looking for answers to questions such as what is this and what does it mean?

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WhatsAppHave you ever encountered an error saying "Sorry, this media file does not exist in your internal memory" when you try to open videos from ? Some people say that this situation sometimes occurs when I open other people's statuses.

The media file is not in internal memory problem means that this media file has been deleted from your phone. How does it work? For example, when someone sends you a video, this media file is saved in the phone's memory. If you delete it from the relevant recording location, you cannot view it from the sent section. In other words, when you try to open it from the WhatsApp application, you may encounter a warning message or error code indicating that the media file is not in the internal memory.

New updated error received 'Updated to 'Sorry, this media file could not be found, please contact … to resend'.'

WhatsApp this media file does not exist in your internal memory

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For those who say that they cannot see the status of a friend, someone or a group, or that the status is blurry when I open it, the problem is related to the above situation.

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It can be solved by disabling the maintenance program installed on the device so that it does not work, or by uninstalling WhatsApp in the settings of this program. Of course, this option may not be available in all applications.

We recommend that those who want to access deleted media images look at software related to recovery.

Solutions for This media file could not be found

Below is a picture of the error, and it seems that most of the people in this situation are caused by problems with the application. Therefore, you may have to wait and in cases where it does not usually happen, we recommend you try the following.

  1. Try it with other visual shares.
  2. Testing should not be limited to just one person.
  3. Turn off and on the phone and the application.
  4. In case of problems with the internet, it can be tested with different networks.
  5. Try to trigger it by opening the account section and changing the privacy options.
  6. VPN/DNS available.
  7. If you have the opportunity to try it, try it with a spare phone.
  8. Make sure that the video sent is at a low size.
  9. Change your account type from the account field in settings. If you want to return later, you can proceed from the next section.

Apart from what we mentioned above, if there is not enough space on the phone, such problems may occur. But the error message received may be different. Some devices may experience display problems. It may require some player or viewing applications. Therefore, an auxiliary application can be installed on the phone. Sample MX player application.

whatsapp sorry this media file was not found
Sorry, this media file does not exist on your internal memory

The warning in both images essentially occurs for the same reason. Only the text can change. At least it appears this way.

Sorry, this media file does not exist on your internal memory
Media not found error

While the warning in the article may apply to all users, it may sometimes be seen by people in some regions.

Solving problems in practice

In every similar article, we recommend testing with previous versions in case of compatibility problems.

Another suggestion is that you need to enter the applications section on the Android side, tap the relevant application, and then run the contents. Cache can be used first. However, if you have important messages before this process, make a general backup.

If the previous version does not work on the devices tested with the web version, then you may encounter a process that goes back to factory setting. However, on most older models, previous versions should work. If the device's system is very old and its support has ended, it may be necessary to use auxiliary tools.

Disruptions in accounts

Excessive actions by users can sometimes have consequences. The sample may not be able to use some areas of the network. The places where this happens most are social platforms.

If there are things you do constantly during the day, take a break for a while. In fact, try to wait without using it at all. Of course, if you are subject to criminal sanctions, you may experience problems with your use for a day or longer.

If you get a warning when you try to change something in the profile field to test the accounts, this may be the reason you think of.

Why does it appear that the media file was not found?

It can be seen in some or most of the users. This indicates that there is a problem in the application. Another factor is that the sent media is deleted from the other side while being opened.

We encountered another situation recently. The person has sent it, but it may remain on your screen with a message stating that the sharing is pending. We have seen that this wait remains for a long time and the solution goes until it is sent again.

  1. The action of an application that deletes the cache on the phone.
  2. The other party deleted it or cut off the internet connection after sending it before it reached the other party.
  3. Download not opening due to timeout.
  4. Incompatibility issues or not enough space on the device.
  5. An update to the application. (An older version may need to be used)
  6. There may be a temporary malfunction in the system.
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