How much internet does YouTube consume on the phone?

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In recent years, internet usage on mobile phones has been growing rapidly. Internet packages are no longer valid. The most frequently asked questions are: How much does YouTube spend on the internet on Android and iPhone phones, that is, how much does it consume? What about Facebook and WhatsApp?

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Smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives; Tablets and computers, which are a part of our daily lives, although not as much, are becoming more and more embedded in our lives day by day.

The internet we need so much, especially on smartphones; Unfortunately, it is offered to us with a certain quota.

With the equation 1024bit=1KB, 1024kb=1MB, 1024MB=1GB, the internet quota in the sector is being consumed by various applications and internet surfing. So how much internet does video consume ?

Internet consumption by video quality

How much internet does video consume ? Undoubtedly, the thing we spend the most time with on smartphones and the thing that has the biggest impact on my MB-GB consumption is videos. Especially YouTube has many video contents at our disposal. Especially the broadcasting of HD quality videos seriously exploits our internet quotas. According to the statistical data published by YouTube, the reflection of video quality on our internet quota is as follows:

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  • 2160p video: 20000 kbps
  • 1440p video: 8913 kbps
  • 1080p video: 3774 kbps
  • 720p video: 3000 kbps
  • 480p video: 1000kbps
  • 360p video: 721 kbps
  • 240p video: 377kbps
  • 144p video: 80kbps

Well; When we watch a 120-minute video in 720p quality, a total of 912 MB is deducted from our internet quota.

As the image quality increases, the speed and bit required of the videos increase, and they draw our internet from our internet packages according to the quality and speed we prefer.

How much internet does YouTube consume on the phone?

Watching videos online or downloading videos?

How much internet does video consume? According to the information announced by YouTube; Every month, 1 user watches at least 12 hours of video. The data usage of a 12-hour video means an average of 5 GB. Moreover, when you watch a video online and rewind, the data usage also rewinds. The data used when you download the video is equal to the data used when we play it once. In some cases, when you consider refreshing the page in the middle of the video and videos rewinding due to connection problems, it turns out that your internet package can be consumed immediately.

Movie watching internet consumption ? For those who are wondering whether to watch or download a sample movie, downloading it makes more sense if you are going to watch it without watching it. So, depending on the size of the video, to download the video .

So how is the situation on Facebook and Whatsapp? Likewise, usage rates vary. Consumption is made according to the quality of the video and photo opened.

When these information are used, if you want to keep your internet package for a longer period of time, you may be advised to watch the videos after downloading them. Of course, it is beneficial to do this by solving the memory problems and storage space problems of the smartphone you are using.

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