Telegram does not open, too many attempts, try again in 22 hours

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Telegram too many attempts. Try again in 22 hours. Those who get the "I can't log in" error are either making too many login attempts or are systemic.

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Telegram is an application that allows you to send instant messages quickly. Nowadays, it is preferred as an alternative to other applications and its usage network is increasing. There may be some problems that frequent users of the application may encounter. For some reasons, the person may not be able to log in to the network. In case of opening errors and such cases, a "Try again in 22 hours" notification is sent. This situation is not applicable to everyone and those who have frequent problems can solve this situation in a practical way.

We leave below what you need to pay attention to and what actions can be tried later on the solution side.

  • Find out if what you're experiencing right now is specific to you or if it applies to most people.
  • Phone and internet need to be turned on and off
  • If you have it, try your account with another account and device.
  • Check separately via mobile and wireless network connection
  • If you seem to be logged in but no action can be taken, log out.

Then follow the instructions at the end of the article.

Reasons for not being able to log in to Telegram

Although it is not clear, entry is not possible for certain reasons. The most common reason is that the user does not enter the country code or enters an incorrect code at the time of login. The user may not enter the country code of the country in which the phone number is registered in the phone information section. In this case, the telegram session will not be opened. If the confirmation code sent by the network at the time of login is frequently entered incorrectly by the person, the login is not possible. There should be no time gap between the steps taken to log in. If a certain period of time passes for the confirmation process after entering the number information, login will not be allowed. Maybe One of the reasons for the problem may be related to the current phone itself.

You will be restricted for a short time for doing too much of anything (Followers, wrong password attempts and comments).

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What you can do when you cannot log in

To enter the country code, type the number in the phone number section of the Telegram application. The registered country code must be written when writing the number. Telegram then sends a confirmation code to the user's phone, and this confirmation code must be entered completely. Once approved, the session will be opened. Even though the steps are completed completely, sometimes the confirmation code does not arrive due to the workload. In this case, if the process is repeated a second time, the code will definitely come. Lagging may occur due to the system of the current phone having the problem. The problem will be solved by deleting the application and reinstalling it to eliminate this lag.

If what we added above has been checked, then try the options we recommend for most networks.

  • Accounts where password attempts are made frequently are temporarily blocked as a precaution. If the same mistake continues, a ban may be imposed throughout the day.
  • After the updates, many people or devices with a certain operating system may experience compatibility problems. We recommend that those who encounter such a thing test with previous versions.
  • To test it on your computer, try using the web version.
  • Test the VPN / DNS duo for domestic failures.
  • This may be caused by an incorrect date on the phone used or insufficient space.
  • In case it is an application, follow the instructions below.
    • Tap “Applications” in the device settings. Find Telegram and enter it.
    • Use the options that say data, update and cache.
    • After cleaning and uninstalling, try and restart depending on the situation.
  • Options for creating additional logins need to be examined.
  • We recommend that those who take a long time send a request using the support link.

Telegram does not open, too many attempts, try again in 22 hours

Update Date: April 15, 2021, 11:34

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