Telegram Sorry You Can Only Send Messages to Common Contacts Currently

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Telegram, sorry, you can currently only send messages to common contacts error occurs from time to time when using the application. In such cases, the best option would be to try it with a different internet and device.

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Telegram Sorry, You Can Only Send Messages to Common Contacts Right Now

While the sorry error in Telegram sometimes occurs in suspicious situations, it sometimes occurs due to system and regional malfunctions. Many of the steps in our article have been tried for almost many applications and services.

1. Problems with Group Participation:

This error message is often encountered by users who want to join a group chat. However, some groups may be set to private and only allow people to send messages to invited people. In this case, you may need to get an invite from the group administrator.

2. App Update:

If your Telegram application is not up to date, it may cause such errors. You can fix this issue by using the latest version of your app. Check for updates and update your app. This situation also reveals the opposite. A new update is not compatible with the relevant device or service. For this purpose, previous versions are tried.

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3. Connection Problems:

Sometimes there may be problems communicating with Telegram servers, which may affect your ability to send messages. Check your connection and try to fix the issue by connecting to a stronger WiFi or mobile data network. Of course, there may be a problem in the application itself or in the region where the servers are located. At the same time, something is going wrong in our country. We recommend using VPN for testing.

4. Your Telegram Settings:

Changes or restrictions made to your Telegram settings can also cause this error. Check your settings and pay particular attention to privacy and security settings. Check your message sending permissions and change them if necessary.

5. Group Permissions:

Check if there are any restrictions on group permissions. Also take a look at the permissions on the application side.

Error in Date Setting on Devices

Many operations are interrupted due to incorrect date information on smart devices. There is no connection to the internet or applications do not work properly. We do not have clear information whether the situation in the title is directly related to this.

Problems in the Group

There may be a restriction on the group in the group settings or on the network side. Let's check if other services related to this are running. Try to change many options to experiment. Let's check if it will allow it or not. Depending on the situation, the unattached phone number and additional verifications will be opened.

We are sorry Telegram 1
Telegram sorry you can only send messages to common contacts at the moment

Reporting a Telegram Problem

1. Methods Used in Reporting a Problem:

Telegram Support Bot:

  • One of the easiest methods to report a problem on Telegram is@Supportis to use the Telegram Support Bot with username. Of course, you can also investigate the problem through social media tools.
  • You can describe your problem in detail to this bot and send additional information such as screenshots or videos.
  • The support bot will give you step-by-step instructions to solve the problem. If these instructions are out of date, check the help page for updated information.

“Report a Problem” Option in Telegram Application:

  • In the Telegram appSettings > Help > Report a ProblemYou can report a problem by going to .
  • In this option, you can choose from pre-made templates related to the issue you are experiencing.
  • There is also a text area where you can describe the problem in detail.

Telegram Website:

  • You can also report a problem via Telegram's website.
  • going to“Report a Problem”You can click .
  • On this page, you will be asked to provide detailed information about the problem you are experiencing and attach the necessary documents. Doing this with the help of a computer is also one of the additional trial options.

2. Things to Consider in Reporting a Problem:

  • Describe your problem in detail and clearly.
  • If possible, add additional information such as screenshots or videos.
  • Specify which device and operating system you are using.
  • Specify which version of the Telegram application you are using.
  • Describe when and how you experienced your problem.

Telegram, we are sorry, you can only send messages to common people at the moment. Our article ends here.

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