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If there is no sound in a Telegram video call or there is no sound from the other party, the first thing to do is for both parties to turn off their devices and test the internet connection.

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In order to have a healthy video call in the Telegram application, some steps must be followed completely. In order to have a video call together, first click on the name of the person to be called. Click on the three consecutive dots in the upper right corner of the resulting screen. When you press the three overlapping dots, a small template appears and the second option includes the “video call” option. After clicking on the image option, the transaction is completed with the acceptance of the other party. For some reasonsTelegram video call audio not workingproblem is encountered.

Phone settings and sound problem

When the search starts, there are icons at the bottom of the screen that show the video and sound settings. In some cases, it is not noticed that these settings are turned off. The sound is turned on by pressing the microphone image above the sound on text.

If the experimental feature settings are not turned on in the video call, the sound will not flow to both sides. To enable communication, go to the settings menu and open the "experimental feature" option. If this process is not performed, the video calling option will not appear in the template. Likewise, the person with whom the video call will be made must also enable this setting option. When the image settings are opened, the sound settings will also be opened.

Sometimes there is no sound during the call due to the phone's settings. When experiencing a sound problem, you should go to the sound settings from the phone's settings menu. It is possible that the sound settings are turned off or at a very low level. The problem is solved when the sound settings are opened.

  • Kamera ve ses izinlerini kontrol ediniz.
  • We recommend that those who have not turned off their phone for a long time turn it on and off.
  • Multiple sound tests need to be done. (With 3-4 People and another device)
  • Using another account on your device.
  • There is a possibility that one of the installed programs is causing an obstacle.
  • Editing the authorization settings of the application used as protection, if any.
  • You definitely need to test it with the microphone.
  • Perform the mobile and WiFi internet test separately.
  • Let's check by installing some of the old Telegram versions. (There may be compatibility problems with the current one)

Application setting

Telegram is an application that receives images and sounds and transmits them to the other party. As soon as the software is downloaded, the person is asked for confirmation. There is no problem in terms of security, but approval is required for sound reception. If this confirmation is not given, there may be a sound problem during the call. If approval is not given, when the application is deleted and reinstalledTelegram video call no soundThe problem will be solved.

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If trying to change the account's username or adding something gives an error, your account may have been penalized or temporarily restricted.

When you enter the "Settings" screen of the application, follow the following:

  • “Ask a question” and after confirming the screen, start the chat in English.
  • It is necessary to try to change the options under the privacy heading.

Update Date: April 14, 2021, 16:31

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