Device limit has been exceeded. Unfortunately, this device cannot be used with YouTube Premium.

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When we look at the warning text for the YouTube device limit exceeded error, it says that unfortunately, this device cannot be given permission to use YouTube Premium. It means that a certain number of devices are allowed at the same time while using. So how many devices can use it at the same time?

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YouTube Premium and Music members have the opportunity to use up to 10 devices at the same time since there is no internet. When the limit is exceeded, the permission of the first user will be canceled when trying to download a video.

For the situation above, it is allowed to do it a maximum of 4 times a year. When this limit is reached, the error "Unfortunately, this video cannot be taken offline" appears on the screen.

No downloads will be allowed until the limitation is reset.

YouTube device limit exceeded error

We think that the number of questions such as "Why does YouTube have an exceeded device limit problem" is low. We think that the developer already offers enough usage opportunities.

The error "This device cannot be given permission to use" is seen more frequently in the YouTube application. We don't think you'll see it much on the computer. It means that those who receive the warning are making common use. It will be enough to reach the required number by talking to other users. Changing the password will be very useful in emergency situations.

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For those wondering why there is a device limit, we leave the following:

  • Reaching the instant usage number.
  • Sessions that remain open in places you do not know.
  • Someone can use it without permission. You can change your password.
  • System malfunctions or problems with the version of the application.
  • There is a possibility of such warnings appearing in cases deemed suspicious.
youtube device limit exceeded 2
YouTube device limit exceeded

How to exceed device limit?

After the user changes the password, a device test can be performed depending on the situation. In case of problems arising from the application, you can uninstall it, reinstall it and try some of the older versions depending on the situation.

If such a warning appears in cases of constant tampering with something, you can wait a few hours before doing anything. Maybe all day.

Required fields may need to be filled in to notify the developer. If requested by filling in a manual link, the topics on our site can be examined.

Please note that sometimes the warnings that appear are due to system malfunctions. To analyze such situations, it may be necessary to experiment with different devices, internet and in a different region.

Seeing problems in the application

One of the problems that may arise with updates is that you may encounter warnings for different reasons. We have seen something like this in a different application. It continued throughout the day and resolved spontaneously the next day.

In cases where there are conflicts and incompatibilities related to the versions of the applications, it should definitely be tried with different devices and versions. It is recommended that you test it by closing the opened session.

Another thing is an operation you can do in applications on the phone. All you have to do is go to the applications area in the settings, find YouTube and run its contents. You try each option and if there is a problem, you switch to the other one.

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