Hard reset screen does not appear, what should I do?

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Hard reset screen does not appear, what should I do?

We offer a definitive solution for those who experience the problem that the hard reset screen does not appear on their Android phone or tablet. First, we need to know what steps you've taken, and then we'll talk about what to do.

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If we remember correctly, we first encountered this problem in 2012. We think we mostly encountered such screens on Chinese-made replica phones. The software installed on most of them would not work stably. It must have caused a problem somewhere and one had to try to get used to living with it. Over time, interest in these products decreased and they became rare.

The hard reset screen does not appear. While it is solved by users of Android devices by performing a few operations, on some devices it may be necessary to reinstall the software because it is related to the software.

Hard reset screen does not appear Possible reasons

Our experience consists of a process from the old to the new. Sometimes the available information becomes insufficient when we do not follow or encounter it for a certain period of time. However, we think that this content will provide solutions for many devices.

Possible reasons why the hard reset option is not available are as follows:

  • Your device is not sufficiently charged. (The recommendation is 50%, but we also made transactions between 5-7%. Of course, it may vary depending on the model)
  • You are missing the relevant screen. Maybe you shouldn't release the keys, or maybe you should.
  • While performing the operation, we cannot press the keys correctly or there is a contact problem.
  • The last things we installed on the device prevent the system from working properly.
  • Software corruption. Things that cause this: updates, installed applications and virus.
  • There is protection in the installed system. This is the case with devices that have systems specific to some brands or companies.
Hard reset screen does not appear 2
Hard reset screen does not appear, what should I do?

How to solve the problem that the hard reset screen does not appear?

First of all, the possible reasons mentioned above need to be considered one by one. Perhaps carrying out the necessary checks on these will bring a solution. We're including a list of our plus recommendations below.

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Before taking action towards a solution, it is necessary to look at possible causes.

Charge or battery related cases

Let's make sure the battery level is high. In cases where the charge is insufficient, let's plug the device into the charger and do this while charging. So, we recommend doing the hard reset this way.

Remember, it is possible that the battery life is running out or is about to run out, preventing this process.

Check your keys

Check your device's buttons. Is there anyone who does not print or does not work? This is an important situation.

Let's make sure we enter this section with the right options. Plus, in some operations, we take our hands off the volume button, while in others, we take our hands off the buttons completely after the logo.

It happens that the relevant area is entered after 3-4 consecutive attempts.

Solution to the reset screen problem with software

Turn off your device and wait for a while, then perform the hard reset again. If the robot symbol appears during the transactions, let's turn it off and perform the hard reset steps a few more times to ensure that the relevant text appears.

It is necessary to flash software on devices that remain on the robot icon. This also happens on devices whose screen is not unlocked.

What you need to do for guaranteed products

For a device that is still under warranty, we recommend that you first perform procedures that will not be covered by the warranty. Get support from an expert for any other operations. Or contact the authorized service.

Note: Most of what we wrote above does not void your device's warranty. If the message "No commands" appears, after trying two or three times, it will be enough to install the device's own software from scratch.

We think we have answered the question of what should I do for the hard reset screen not appearing problem. Our recommendation articleWhat is hard reset?We recommend you review it.

Hard reset screen does not appear 1
Hard reset screen does not appear

Why does Hard Reset not work? General information

You may sometimes encounter unexpected problems while using technological devices. One of these problems may be that it is not possible to perform a “hard reset”. Hard reset is known as a process that returns the device to factory settings. However, in some cases this process may not work properly. In this article, we will discuss why hard reset may not be happening and ways to solve this problem.

1. Reasons related to hardware problems:In some cases, problems with your device's hardware may prevent the hard reset process. The first step you should take for such mishaps is to check the physical condition of your device. If there is an interaction such as frequent falling or water contact (liquid contact), there is a high probability of a hardware failure and professional help is required.

2. Insufficient battery level:If your device's battery is insufficient or completely dead, the hard reset may not occur. First make sure your device has sufficient charge. Then try the hard reset again.

3. Key combination:You may need to press certain key combinations to perform a hard reset. However, the wrong key combination or not pressing it long enough may cause the hard reset not to occur. Try the operation again using the correct key combination and pressing for sufficient time.

4. Software problems: Problems in your device's software may also prevent the hard reset process. In this case, try updating your device first. Updating can help resolve software issues.

5. Some locked devices cause problems:If your device is protected by a security measure such as a PIN code, pattern or fingerprint, you may need to remove this security measure to perform a hard reset. Try the operation again by disabling security features or logging in.

6. Warranty status:If your device is under warranty and the hard reset still does not occur, you may consider contacting the authorized service. You can solve the problem by getting professional support.

The hard reset process may sometimes fail for unexpected reasons. The problems and solutions mentioned above may help you understand why the hard reset may not occur and provide solutions. If the problem persists, it can always be a good step to consider getting technical support.

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