iPhone Apple Logo Comes and Goes, Doesn't Turn on

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Çok eski modellerden günümüze kadar gelen iPhone elma logosu gelip gidiyor sorunu şimdilerde nadirde olsa devam etmekte. Genelde yazılım güncellemesinde logoda kalıyor şeklinde şikayetlerle karşılaşıyoruz.

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iPhone elma logosu, telefonun açılışında karşımıza çıkan hazırlık aşamasındaki görseldir. Sorunlarda karşılaştığımız alanlarda ya cihazı açarken ya da sürüm yükseltmesi sırasında oluşan bir hata ile karşımıza çıkar. Kısaca cihaz açılmaya çalışıyor ama bir problemden dolayı açılış sırasında başa dönüyor gibi.

Apple Logo Comes and Goes Problem on iPhone

iPhone’unuzun açıldığında sık sık elma logosu belirir ve ardından kaybolur veya döngüsel bir şekilde elma logosu gelip gidiyorsa, bu durum rahatsız edici ve endişe verici olabilir. Bu sorun, iOS cihazlarında zaman zaman karşılaşılan bir sorundur ve birkaç farklı nedenle ortaya çıkabilir. İşte iPhone’unuzda elma logosu sorunuyla başa çıkmak için deneyebileceğiniz bazı çözüm yöntemleri ve nedenler:

1. Restart Battery: Elma logosu gelip gidiyorsa, önce iPhone’unuzu yeniden başlatmayı deneyin. iPhone 8 ve sonraki modellerde hızlıca Sesi Açma düğmesine basıp bıraktıktan sonra Sesi Kısma düğmesine basın ve ardından yan taraftaki Güç düğmesini basılı tutun. iPhone’unuz kapanıp tekrar açılacaktır. Diğer modellerde ise Sesi Kısma ve Güç düğmelerine aynı anda basılı tutarak yeniden başlatabilirsiniz.

2. Power Problems and Cable Connections:Apple logo problems can often be caused by power supplies and cable connections. Make sure the cable and adapter you charge your iPhone with are intact. Also make sure the charging port is clean and working properly. If you are using wireless charging, try charging via cable before trying this method.

3. Update or Restore:If your iOS version has a software bug, it may cause apple logo issues. Connect your iPhone to a computer using iTunes or Finder (Catalina and later) and check for updates. If there is an update available, update the software. If the problem persists, you can restore your iPhone. However, do not forget to make a backup as your data will be deleted during this process.

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4. Hardware Problems:Apple logo problem may be hardware related. For example, it could be a damaged part due to a fall or a battery issue. In this case, you may need to seek help from the Apple Service Center.

5. Entering DFU Mode:If the above methods do not work, you can try putting your iPhone in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. This mode resets and reinstalls your device's software. However, this process will delete all data on your device, so be sure to make a backup.

Why Does the iPhone Apple Logo Come and Go?

The problem of the Apple logo constantly coming and going occurs most frequently in software updates. We think that this is caused by a glitch that occurred during the transition to a new iOS version. Below we leave a list of possible reasons that come to our mind.

  1. Problems with the phone battery.
  2. Some of the applications installed on the phone cause problems.
  3. There is a virus or something that can harm the system. Although iOS is normally a very secure system, this rarely happens.
  4. Installation problems occurring with version updates. (Problems with the downloaded version or problematic downloading, negative situations in internet connections, factors that prevent the update)
  5. The phone has insufficient storage space. Normally, if it is already insufficient during download, no action will be taken. However, it is sufficient at that time, but it is always possible for it to become insufficient due to something during the installation process. For example, a video someone sent at that time.

Possible Battery-Related Factors When iPhone Starts Up

It is possible for operations to be interrupted due to a problem with the battery. For example, you started the update while the phone was charging and it was disconnected from the charger during the installation, and it is possible that the installation, which was interrupted due to lack of power, may cause problems. In such cases, the options we have listed below need to be examined.

iPhone apple logo comes and goes 1
iPhone logo comes and goes

Suggestions for iPhone Apple Logo Comes and Goes

We provide solutions to many opening problems with our past experiences. We add some methods that almost every user can do in the rest of the content. The important thing is that the data has been backed up before.

  1. Never on the phonewait a while without doing anything. It would not be right to specify an exact time, but we think you will need to wait for about 1 hour.
  2. Another situation where we have to wait is when the deviceuntil the battery runs outLet it go back and forth on this screen. Then we plug it into the charger and try it.
  3. your phoneto the close buttonLet's hold it for a while. If it closes, let's wait and open it.
  4. your phonevolume downvepower keysLet's hold down at the same time for a while. This is the menu and power keys on some models.
  5. iPhone download modeUpdate it using iTunes on your computer via a USB cable or install it from scratch.

Transactions via iTunes

If you have previously made a backup of your phone on your computer, let's try restoring this backup first. When we look at the situation and try to install from scratch, we will probably be warned that something needs to be closed.

It should be noted that the Apple ID will need to be re-entered depending on the transactions made. Normally it doesn't happen, but there is a possibility.

iPhone apple logo comes and goes 2
iPhone apple logo comes and goes but does not turn on

iTunes Screen Not Opening Problem

During the connection or when the program is opened, the logo rotates or there will be a few operations we will try within the ring icon. First, we need to see if it is caused by your computer or the iTunes program. If you have another computer, let's try it too.

If there is a problem with the PC's system, we need to run system restore. Let's rewind it to a recent date and try it. We are sure that the date ranges will be healthier.

These are the procedures to be applied for complaints that the iPhone apple logo comes and goes and the phone does not turn on. Finally, what we think is relevant to the subject:Round icon rotating on iPhone black screenWe recommend you to look at our news.

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