What does it mean that the person you are calling is not accepting calls right now?

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When you call, some of you may be wondering if Vodafone has blocked my number by saying "The person you are calling is not accepting calls at the moment". This is the method sometimes preferred by those who are uncomfortable.

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If you receive a warning like this when you call, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably whether he blocked me. This is the logical thing to do, but maybe if he blocks all incoming calls, it will still give the same warning. They can activate such an option in order not to be disturbed. Of course, another factor is that such a warning may be encountered in rare operators due to network problems. So, when you are in an area where there is no reception, callers hear this message. We can say that you have caused a troublesome situation. Imagine that it is your friend or your fiancee who is calling, and they may not even give you the opportunity to explain because this will be the first thing that comes to their mind. So what might he mean with this announcement?

The warning here means that the person either blocks all calls or just you. For testing, call another number. You can even try hiding a different number.

Eski dönemlerde pek gelişmiş kısıtlama seçenekleri bulunmazdı. Akıllı telefonların çıkmasıyla az sayıda cihazda kısmi böyle seçenekler olurdu. Çıkan uygulamalarda ya çok reklamla karşılaşırdınız ya da paralı sürümler iş görürdü. Sonralarda ise çok sayıda ücretsiz yazılımla bu işlemleri kolayca yapılmaya başlandı. Hatta telefonların kendi yazılımlarında bu şekilde özelliklerle karşılaşabiliyorsunuz. 

What you can do for your question: "If someone blocked me, how can I call?"

  • To see if it is caused by me, test your device by turning it off and on.
  • Ask other operators and others using your own operator to see if they are experiencing the same problem, and test it on their lines as well.
  • It can be tried with a fixed number.
  • Let's search with applications, for example Skype, WhatsApp…
  • See if the people you are calling are on different operators. You can use the inquiry address www.turkiye.gov.tr/btk-numara-tasima to find out which one it is.
  • The person may have blocked you, but there is also the possibility that all incoming calls are blocked.

If you have not done so, you may take action from the service or the call center. If you want, take advantage of these codes before that. ##002#, #330*0000# and *43# to see who is calling during the call.

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What does it mean that the person you are calling is not accepting calls right now?

Update Date: January 28, 2021, 20:10

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